Alpro Foundation

By Alpro Pharmacy

March 6, 2019

Know more about Alpro Foundation

Alpro Foundation had appointed Ostwin Paw Yen Thng as chief executive officer (CEO), effective March 1, 2019Ostwin has been involved in Organizing and Participating in Community Service Projects in both Singapore and Malaysia for the past 15 years. 

He has served beneficiaries ranging from Environmental Change, Refugees, Under-served Youth, Orphanages, Home for the Disabled and Elderly Care Homes. 

Ostwin has met before multiple failures and experienced several life-changing moments that made him realized about one of the important keys to Achieving Success in Life is through Resilience, and Sharing of Knowledge and Experience. 

He sees Education and Awareness are 2 Empowering Factors that are needed for anyone to make clear intended actions to improve their lives and changing this World.

” Kindness is the virtue that exists in all of us,” he said.

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