Digitalization of Diabetes Care

By Dt Kai Jia

July 23, 2020


Can we do more for our Diabetic friends?

The Internet has transformed modern life. The Internet has changed many ways of how we do things?  Can it change Diabetic Care? The answer is YES it can!

Traditionally, diabetes patients will go to clinic for follow up with their doctors every 3 monthly. They will only do their blood check every 3 monthly. If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic patient, will you be loss? Not sure how to eat? How to check glucose level? There is just too much in their mind to worry about.

Digitalization of Diabetes CareDiabetes is a chronic disease. It needs continuous close monitoring. What if there is a platform that can provide you a digital mobile diary? You can do your glucose checking at home fasting or 2 hours after food 3 times a day. And everything will be recorded. You can also take photos to record the food that you have taken to identify whether you have taken too much? Or identify which food causes the rise in your glucose level. Analyses will be done personalized for your glucose readings. This report will include your lowest reading, highest reading or average reading. All you have to do is just do your glucose checking and show your health care professionals the report generated. No more recording manually on our little 555 book! This will enable you to have a better discussion with your health care professional and come out with a better intervention plan.  

Besides, there is a lot of time when you are at home, you may need health care professionals to advise. For example, you miss your medication, what to do? You would like to take some durian, how will it affect your blood glucose level? Do you need to wait for your next appointment date to get an answer? Not anymore. Imagine if you could have a real-time chat box where you can chat with a health care professional to provide you solutions or advice.  

Digitalization of Diabetes Care

You can also subscript to the e-newsletter to have more information about diabetes. Every month, you will learn something new about Diabetes, whether it is in terms of medication, food, insulin, or lifestyle. Learn more about the disease and manage it better!

Last but not least, you can do your subscription online with just a few clicks. And when you need to re-fill your strips, the strips can be sent to your door-step. How convenient can that be?

Digitalization does not only happen in work, gaming, social medial,or online purchase. It is also happening in the health care industry. And the aim is to provide more individualized care for patients and more convenient experience.

Welcome to the world of Diabetic Care Digitalization! Welcome to SugO365!Digitalization of Diabetes Care



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