Akuariz Intense Moisturizing Cream – Dry &sensitive Skin (60g)

Akuariz Intense Moisturizing Cream - Dry &sensitive Skin (60g)
Akuariz Intense Moisturizing Cream - Dry &sensitive Skin (60g)
Akuariz Intense Moisturizing Cream - Dry &sensitive Skin (60g)


Akuariz Intense Moisturizing Cream – Dry &sensitive Skin (60g)

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❤ Dry & sensitive skin
❤ Skin conditions
❤ Chapped hands
❤ Cracked heels
❤ Diaper irritation

Akuariz ® Intense Moisturizing cream is a unique formulation that combines extract derived from golden sea cucumber of the species (Stichopus horrens, or fondly known locally as gamat emas) & from Asian snakehead fish (Channa Striatus, locally known as ikan haruan) extract.

Extensive studies were carried out spanning over 3 decades of in-depth research on gamat & ikan haruan extract by none other than Professor Dato’ Dr. Ridzwan Hashim & Professor Abdul Manan Mat Jais respectively, has resulted in the commercialization of this unique multi-purpose cream which works very well for dry & sensitive skin, and for treating various skin conditions.

Akuariz ® Intense Moisturizing cream is a non-greasy & emollient rich formula, which helps to soothe, replenish, hydrate, nourish and repair especially when used on dry sensitive skin & eczema, psoriarisis, chapped hands & cracked heel.

AkuaRiz ® Intense Moisturizing Cream for problem skin The snakehead fish extract found in AkuaRiz ® is the result of the pioneering work of Professor Abdul Manan Mat Jais who had spent 3 decades in research & development to uncover the health benefitting properties of this remarkable medicinal ingredient.

Naturally the haruan extract is rich in amino acids, it contains 17 types of amino acids which include essential amino acids such as Aspartic acid, Glutamic, Glycine, Leucine, Isoleucine and Histidine (Mat Jais, et al., 1994). It is also rich in fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 Arachidonic acid (Mat Jais, et al., 1994; Zuraini, et al., 2006; Che Ku Dahlan, 2010). In addition, the extract is also rich in minerals & anti-oxidants (Che Ku Dahlan, 2010).

Research studies carried out by Professor Abdul Manan Mat Jais & his team have shown that the snakehead fish extract is actually good for treating various skin conditions, in particular on eczema & psoriasis. Until now, there is no cure for eczema, and the root cause of this skin condition remains unknown, it is prevalent especially among children and the adolescent age group is on the increase. It is estimated that 3% of total population in every country globally is suffering atopic eczema.

AkuaRiz ® Intense Moisturizing cream is also effective in promoting rapid wound healing & repair, this is perhaps due to its unique biochemistry composition & anti-oxidant properties. Besides, AkuaRiz ® Intense Moisturizing Cream is also good for relieving pain & itchiness, reducing swell & to soothe inflamed or infected skin due to the synergistic combination of gamat & haruan extract which possess strong anti-pain, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacteria properties.

The combination also imparts good moisturizing effect due to the richness of its free fatty acids content thus making the cream suitable for use on dry & sensitive skin, in particular for chapped hands, cracked heel & bed sore.

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