Bausch+lomb Soflens 59 6’s | Clear Monthly Contact Lenses

Bausch+lomb  Soflens 59 6's | Clear Monthly Contact Lenses
Bausch+lomb  Soflens 59 6's | Clear Monthly Contact Lenses
Bausch+lomb  Soflens 59 6's | Clear Monthly Contact Lenses


Bausch+lomb Soflens 59 6’s | Clear Monthly Contact Lenses

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Bausch+Lomb is a brand synonymous with eyesight and vision. After its recent brand refresh, North was engaged by Bausch+Lomb Malaysia to update its sales material and collateral to reflect its growing presence in ophthalmic care.

Soflens 59 – Comfort (6 lenses)
Soflens 59 by Bausch & Lomb are monthly lenses with the comfort of the Soflens series for a traditionally low price. This lens is fitted very often, because of the compatibility with biotissue.

The ultimate comfort
Soflens is a hydrogel contact lense; time-tested, deposit-resistant material for excellent comfort. Soflens 59 is a soft lens with an ultra-thin design and a time-tested material that provides longwearing comfort.

Main Features and Benefits of Bausch and Lomb SofLens59 Contact Lenses
– The Bausch and Lomb Soflens 59 contact lens is a soft hydrophilic contact lens that is obtained as a spherical lens and tinted with Reactive Blue Dye-246. These contact lenses have functional features and benefits that help the wearers to achieve 100% vision clarity.

Protein Resistance: Hilafilcon B polymer resists protein and prevents the buildup of deposits on the surface of the lenses, which in turn ensures fresh, clear and comfortable vision throughout the day.

Clear Vision: Soflens 59 contact lenses provide crisp and clear vision, longevity, and excellent visibility even in low light conditions. These lenses provide ultimate vision especially at night time by reducing the appearance of glares, halos, and blurriness.

The action of Soflens 59: The Bausch and Lomb Soflens 59 contact lens when placed on your cornea, acts as a refracting medium to focus exact light rays on the retina.

Oxygen Permeability: These lenses have a high water content of 59%. People who have dry eyes can feel fresh even when wearing the lenses for the entire day. The surface of the lens is re-moistened with every blink of the eye. The high water content enables oxygen to reach the eye quickly and, therefore, enhances good oxygen permeability.

Usage and Care: It is a time-tested lens product that is very easy to handle and care. It provides maximum comfort when you use them for prolonged periods. These are available in a highly cost effective package.

Combined Edge Profile: Comfort Tangent and Asymmetric Tapered Edge profile are the two primary features responsible for the exceptional comfort of Soflens 59 contact lenses. Equalized mass distribution allows for smooth interaction at the lens lid interface and the lens cornea.

Soft monthly disposable contact lens.
Standard base curve (BC): medium = 8.60 mm
Standard diameter (DIA): 14.20 mm power: -9.00 To +6.00
Diopters (d) material: hilafilcon b, 59% water (dk-value: 22)

Please order 2nd box if you have a different prescription for your right and left eyes.


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