Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu 750ml

Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu 750mlEcolite Ginseng Essenshu 750ml
Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu 750ml
Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu 750ml
Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu 750ml


Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu 750ml

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Product Description

Ecolite 人参益生素 乃出自系统的草本汉方,依据“平补,温补” 与“君臣佐使”的中医理论,将各种珍贵药材如人参,虫草,首乌,灵芝加以配搭枸杞,黄芪,茯苓,丹参,当归,杜仲,牛膝等多达30种药材精酿而成。

Ecolite Ginseng Essenshu Compound Plus Liquid is made based on the Chinese medicine practices. It is a brew mixture of up to 30 kinds of precious medicinal herbs. 功效 / Functions: 调养气血,补中益气,养胃健脾,强将骨延衰老等功效,同时此方温和不燥,继续渐进滋补与调理身体各项机能,传统上用于解除病后疲劳和虚弱,促进食欲,促进血液循环,以及用于一般保健作用

Replenish qi and blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, reduce bone aging. This is a gentle formulation, if continued, can gradually nourishes and recuperate the body function. Traditionally used to eliminate fatigue and weakness after illness, improve appetite, improve blood circulation, as well as for general health care.

Ingredient / Content
Cordyceps Mycelium 冬虫夏草 25mg Radix Panax Ginseng 人参 90mg Radix Polygonum Multiflorum 何首乌 60mg Garnoderma Lucidum 灵芝 100mg Radix Salvia Miliorrhiza 丹参 150mg Radix Angelica Sinensis 当归 90mg Rhizoma Polygonatum Sibiricum 黄精 90mg Radix Astragalus Membranaceus 黄芪 90mg Fructus Ligustrum Lucidum 女贞子 90mg Herba Epimedium Sagittatum 淫羊藿 90mg Rhizoma Acorus Gramineus 石菖蒲 90mg Radix Polygala Tenuifolia 远志 90mg Radix Ophiopogun Japonicus 麦冬 90mg Fructus Schisandra Chinese 五味子 150mg Fructus Psoralea Corylifolia 补骨脂 90mg Fructus Morus Alba 桑谌 90mg Rhizoma Atractylodes Macrocephala 白术 90mg Radix Asparagus Cocohinchinensis 天冬 100mg Rhizoma Rehmania Praeparatum 熟地黄 150mg Rhizoma Diascoreae Opposita 山药 125mg Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae 牛膝 135mg Cortex Eucommiae Ulmoides 杜仲 125mg Poria Cocos Wolf 茯苓 125mg Semen Cuscuta Chinensis 菟丝子 125mg Herba Cistanches Deserticola 肉苁蓉 150mg Fructus Lycium Barbarum 枸杞 135mg Fructus Rubus Chingii 覆盆子 125mg Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis 甘草 40mg Radix Aucklandia Lappa 木香 30mg Flos Eugenia Caryophyllata 丁香 10mg Glucose Syrup 葡萄糖液 1.5g Benzoic Acid 苯甲酸钠 20mg Caramel 焦糖 100mg Water Add to 水加至 20ml
How To Use
成人:一天两次,一次一杯(20毫升),饭后饮用。内备有量杯,服用前请摇均。 Adult:1 cup (20ml) per serving, 2 times daily after meal. Measuring cup is provided. Shake well before use. *孕妇,婴儿禁服用 Not suitable for pregnant women and babies. *如瓶底有沉淀物,为天然药汁,此乃天然草药释析的自然现象。 This product contains herbal content, the sediment is a natural occurrence.
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MAL 09042501T

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