Vismed 0.18% Multi 10ml



Vismed 0.18% Multi 10ml

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Availability: 10 in stock

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Vismed is a patented lubricant eye drop formulation carefully designed to immediately relieve sensations of dry or irritated eyes. It efficiently protects the ocular surface and restores natural balance of tears over time. Effective

*Highly effective in relieving sensations of ocular dryness

*Long-lasting protective coating of the ocular surface

*Essential ions calcium, magnesium and potassium in concentrations similar to those of natural tears

*Osmoprotection to limit water loss at cellular level Safe

*Sterile and preservative-free solution

*Air filtering system against microbial contamination

*Hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin Economic

*Sterile for up to 3 months after first use Easy to use

*Intuitive, precise and reproducible drop delivery system

*Easily squeezable soft polymer container

*Compact size design

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