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Infinite Love & Care
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“You may see what’s coming but you will never be prepared for the moment.” - Founder of SilverCare, Chan Chiew Ying

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Your One-Stop
Rehab Centre & Medical Store

Designed with the ideology of One-Stop Rehab Centre & Medical Supply Store,  SilverCare & Rehab Showroom can be found at Alpro Pharmacy in most states to serve you better. You will find a full range of medical equipment, rental service, repair service, hearing test, wound care, nutritional consultation, physiotherapy, drug-related advice, elderly care service and etc. Check out outlets that are closest to you now!

Silvercare Classroom

Learn About Rehab & Elderly Care

You will be surprised that most of us have been using the rehab and medical equipment incorrectly but worry not as you can visit our Silvercare Classroom anytime to learn about the right way to take care of your loved ones. As a result, not only will we be sharing about how to use the equipment, but also how to choose the right one that suits your condition the best.  

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