Proper Disposal of Expired or Unwanted Medications

Safe Medication Disposal

The medicines need to be thrown away due to the following reasons:

  • Expired or Unknown Expiry
  • Unknown Medicines
  • No Longer Required
  • Change in Appearance

Do Not

Do NOT throw them in the rubbish

Do NOT flush them down the toilet or pour them down in the drain

Do NOT share your medicine with anyone

Before Disposing

Medication disposal is costly and has to be handled with CAUTION and CARE.

one (1)

Identify the unwanted medicine


Remove or blacken all personal info, but leave the name and dose of the medication visible

two (1)-min

Pack the medicine into a bag

two (2)-min

Keep the medicine in the safest place

Where to Dispose?

Alpro Pharmacy is now offering you a FREE service to dispose your unused medications.

We accept medications (tablet and capsule form) & inhalers.


Bring to nearby Alpro Pharmacy to dispose your medication safely.

Review with our pharmacist to keep track of your medication to avoid wastage!

Avoid Medication Wastage by


Don’t keep medications “just in case”


Collect or buy medications only when you need them


Store medications according to the instructions


Check your medications monthly for the amount and expiration date


Return unused medications
to a pharmacy as you can

Medication Disposal Inquiries

If you have any inquiries, kindly fill up the details below.

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