Alpro Lifetime

Loyalty Programme

More Than A Loyalty Card

Be a part of our VIP Club today and register online to enjoy all the lifetime perksand priviledges of being our member

8 Exclusive Members' Benefits

Point Collection

RM 1 = 1 point

Lifetime Membership

2X Points During Birthday Week

(eg birthday is 18th, 2x points reward validity 15th - 21st)

Pay with Points

200 pts = RM 1

Bonus Points

Enjoy up to 10x points when you shop during members month anually

Diet & Health Consultation

Complimentary consultation from our nutritionist & dietician.

Hearing Assessmemt

Get hearing check and assessment from our selected outlet for free

Merchant Partner Deal

Special promotion will partners from banks, e-wallet providers, restaurant, shops and many more.

Get The Most Of
Your Membership

Purchase Products With Your Points

Collect 2,000 points or more and start using your points to pay for your purchases. Keep earning more as you spend!

Membership Tiers & Benefits

The More You Spend, The More You Enjoy

What Are You Waiting For?

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Head on to the nearest Alpro Pharmacy and pay only RM 10 for a lifetime membership!

Each new member will enjoy:

  • RM 10 Alpro One Click Shopping Voucher
  • RM10 HbA1C/Full Lipid Profile Voucher
  • 2,000 Member Points (Worth RM 10)

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Registering member online with Alpro is free. If you are: –

  • Existing VIP member
    You will need to do your first time online registration . Once your account is activated online, you may enjoy point collection and redemption when you shop in Alpro One Click.
  • New E-member
    If you do not have any membership in Alpro, just get yourself an online membership now to enjoy shopping point collection. When you hit accumulated 2,000 points in 12 months, you may start using pay with point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Alpro Membership

You can earn 1 Point per RM1 spent on qualifying purchases of merchandise on Alpro One Click or Alpro Pharmacy outlet. In addition, you can earn 150 points through becoming Alpro E-member, 10 points by writing eligible product reviews at Alpro One Click, and participating in sales promotions that offer opportunities to earn bonus points.

Collect points every time you shop with Alpro using your Alpro Membership account. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Alpro One Click or at one of our Alpro Pharmacy outlets using your Alpro membership account. Be sure to log in online or identify yourself to a Health Advisor in store to ensure your purchases are correctly assigned to your member profile, otherwise you might miss out.

Once you’ve enrolled in Alpro’s Loyalty Programme, you can earn points by completing qualifying purchases at Alpro Pharmacy Outlet or Alpro One Click.

Points will accumulate in your loyalty account and can be used for redemption on Vouchers. You can view available rewards in your account.

You can view your point balance by logging into your One Click account. You can also check your point balance by emailing us or by calling us at 06-7921923 from 9.30am to 6.30pm.

Yes, each point expires 36 months after it was earned.

We will use commercially reasonable efforts to award member points earned for qualifying purchases to your Alpro loyalty account within 24 hours of purchase.

If you cancel or return your purchase, Alpro will deduct the points that you were awarded for that purchase from your membership. If you have already redeemed those points for discounts, this could potentially result in a negative point balance under your membership.

Yes. You will need to do your first time online registration . Once your account is activated online, you may enjoy point collection and redemption when you shop in Alpro One Click.

You may visit Alpro One Click and simply select “login”. From there, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password to verify your Alpro membership. Your membership will be sync automatically then. You can check the status at “My Account”

Alpro invites all members to write honest, unbiased reviews of products they have purchased to help all of our customers make more informed purchasing decisions. Alpro members may earn points for writing reviews that comply with our customer review guidelines. Alpro member reviews that do not comply with our customer review guidelines, as determined by Alpro in our sole discretion, will NOT earn any Alpro points.

Alpro members will earn 10 points for each Alpro One Click product review they write that complies with our customer review guidelines.

All members are only eligible to write a review on a previously purchased product. Simply go to Rate & Review page under My Account page.

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