SilverCare Family Day

Every 18th of the Month

关怀社区乐龄 | 学习自我照护 | 传递健康资讯 |结交新朋友

Do you know that you can stay healthy and strong as you age?

In order to convey this concept, we will be having Interaction Day on day 18th of every month to share health information with our SilverCare Members and teach them how to take good care of themselves. At the same time, you can also make new friends who are close to your age! Come and join us!!



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On-Going SilverCare Activities 2024

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Silvercare Family Day this Janury, 2024.

What do you think?

Madam Wong
70 years old

Madam Tan
72 years old

Ms.Kelly & Ms.Sheily

Ms Vimala
51 years old
I enjoyed the mobility assessment test. 

Mr Khoo Yong Kian
Thanks for the invitation. This is really a good session to learn more about hearing loss. Appreciate =)

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