In Alpro, We Believe People

Are Our Greatest Assets

Making lives better for our consumers, employees and our surrounding communities comes first at Alpro. We aim to be a company people aspire to work for, with an environment that nurtures and expects innovative solutions from all employees.

Our Team


Ph. Dr. Hiew Fei Tsong
Ph. Low Swee Siong
Ms. Chia Ling Ling

Ph. Dr. Hiew Fei Tsong

Dear Customers, Friends & Visitors,

Every day, every Alproeans will be immensely contributing our time in Alpro, delivering our best service and value as an outcome. We hope that every Alproean would say that “Working in Alpro is great!” Only when we achieve that, it is the best treatment we can get for having known that we have served the society genuinely with the highest standard of health care services, and the most value.

B.Pharm (Hons) USM Rph, MMPS

Ph. Low Swee Siong


Dear Customers, Friends & Visitors,

We are honoured that our customers and friends have continued their trust in our quality and care.

We have been providing Professional & Personalised Pharmacy Care to the community since 2002. It is so important to be able to go home at the end of the day and say: “What I did today was meaningful.

When I was in pharmacy school, a professor once made the comment, “There’s no such thing as ‘close enough’ in pharmacy. It has to be hundred percent perfect.” That is something that can be translated into the business environment as well. Within our organization, we are continuously trying to find ways to raise the hurdle and challenge ourselves to create a continual improvement process. If you settle for less in the work you do, you are likely going to have to settle for less in your career as well. And when your organization is centered on trying to do the best for your customer, you really cannot settle for less.

• B.Pharm(Hons)

Ms. Chia Ling Ling

Dear Customers, Friends & Visitors,

As an employee and customer centric organization, our culture has always been centered on the people. That is not to say that we underestimate the impact of financial performance; in business, that is how you measure your success. Yet you never want to lose sight to the fact that it is the people who will ultimately drive that performance. Our success is dependent on our employees’ commitment to doing their very best.

B.Sc (HONS) , Bio-Medicine, UKM

Our Team

The Custodian Of Medicine

Alpro embraces the changes occurring within the profession of pharmacy and is a leader in the implementation of pharmacist-delivered services. By participating in personalized face to face pharmacist-patient counselling & consultation, Alpro continues to demonstrate the value of the community pharmacist as a member of the healthcare team.

Specialty Pharmacist

PainWISE is an innovative and evidence-based professional service offering for community pharmacy, recognized by Australia. We are here to serve you to better manage your pain condition.

  • Ph Chong Mong Nee

    Alpro Pharmacy Tangkak, Johor

    “ You have the pain, I have the pinch. How can I assist you? ”
  • Ph Choo Jian Hwa

    Alpro Pharmacy Yong Peng, Johor

    “ Pain free shouldn’t be a luxury. ”
  • Ph Eugenne Teo Ying Hui

    Alpro Pharmacy Seremban Flagship, Negeri Sembilan

    “ Pain makes you think twice. Overcome the pain makes you think further. ”
  • Ph Go Poh Poh

    Alpro Pharmacy Biz Avenue, Negeri Sembilan

    “ Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. “


Alpro cares for its communities not just by providing personalized face to face pharmacist-patient counselling and consultation. We are decided to help people to live a healthier life. Our nutritionist advises on matters of food and nutrition impacts on health. They plan food and nutrition programms, and supervise the preparation and serving of meals. They educate people about food safety, nutrition-related illness in the aim of helping the people to stay away of illness. They are the trusted source of information by the communities. 


Everyone’s body is unique, of course, no one plan suits all. Our ultimate goal is to FIND THE BEST WAY to combat the weight issues! We are the weight management specialists. Gain weight, loss fat, diet-know-how?
We are here to help.
  • Nt Mun Lai Hoong

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “Eating well is a form of self-love”
  • Nt Ng Siew Li

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. I always wanted to let the food lead the way towards better life.”
  • Nt Angeline Lim Jia Yi

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “Nutrition and exercise is just as vital as rest and play”
  • Nt Neelah

    Alpro Pharmacy Taipan Senawang

    “Right food choices are the best investment for your future health. The choice is in your hand.”


Alpro does not just have a group of professional pharmacists and nutritionists serving for the communities, our group of professional dietitians are  the experts in dietetics, to make changes in patients’ eating habits and prevent chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer happening to them. They help prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and suggesting diet modifications. 


Our dieticians are teaming up with Ascensia Diabetes Care Malaysia to provide an innovative Blood Glucose program called Sugo365 since 2019. We belives that this will empower Malaysians with diabetes the ability to manage their glucose level conveniently through the use of digital technology.

  • Dt Kwan Lee Kuan

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “Practice mindful eating, right food can heal and the choice is in your hand.”
  • Dt Chua Kai Jia, RD

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “I believe blood glucose management is achievable with proper diet and lifestyle changes”
  • Dt Jayne Luah Jing El

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “Health is a priceless wealth. Invest while you can”
  • Dt Kelly Gan Wei Xin

    Alpro Pharmacy HQ

    “You are what you eat, eating right makes your body feels wonderful. Don’t think you’ll regret by giving it a shot.”

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