Zentel Suspension 10ml 2s



Zentel Suspension 10ml 2s

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Target Group
Suitable for age above 2yrs
Product Description

Common worms enter our body through 2 main ways:
contamination of food by worm eggs
penetration of our skin by worm larvae

The incidence of worm varies in different countries from as high as 90% to as low as 5%.
Incidence tends to be higher in areas where farming is widespread and untreated sewage is used as fertilisers.

Children are particularly easy targets for common worm infections are being active; they are outdoors most of the time. In Malaysia, the most common worm infection is whipworm, followed by roundworm, hookworm, pinworm and threadworm.

Whipworm is one of the most difficult to kill. Because the soil conditions for the breeding these common worms’ eggs (except pinworm) are rather similar, often a patient is infected with more than one type of worm at the same time.

Therefore the deworming medicine chosen should preferably be one that can kill all types of common worms.

Zentel can kill the difficult-to-treat whipworm. Not all deworming medicines can do this.
Zentel can also kill all the other common worms. This means you do not have to take more than one type of deworming medicine to treat your worm infection.
Zentel kills both the larvae and the adult worm. Other deworming medicines only kill adult worms. If you use other deworming medicines, you have to take medicine again when the unkilled larvae mature into adult worms.

With Zentel, you do not have to.Zentel has been successfully used on more than 5 million patients worldwide. Zentel can be taken anytime of the day. No special fasting or purging procedure is required.

Ingredient / Content
Each 10ml contains 400mg Albendazole which is methyl [5-(propylthio)-1H-benzimidazol-2-y1] carbamate compound resulting from over 15 years of research by SmithKline & French
How To Use
Direction of Use: Adults & children above 2 years: 1 full bottle of 10ml Zentel Suspension. You only need to take this once. Children 12-24 months: Take half the adult dose Albendazole should not be administered durin confirmed or suspected pregnancy or to children below 12 months.
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