Ahc/mers Quad Cane Wide Based Qc931 | Portable



Ahc/mers Quad Cane Wide Based Qc931 | Portable

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Product Details
Target Group
Recovering process from stroke
Weak strength patient (lower limb)
Product Description

AHC/MER’S Quad Cane Wide Based is a mobility device that aids walking and mobility. It is similar to a standard cane, but it has a metal base on the bottom with four small feet that extend from the base. These feet have rubber caps that help reduce slippage on the floor. Quad canes are usually made of lightweight aluminum and are adjustable with a small push button.

Who Should Use a AHC/MER’S Quad Cane Wide Based

  • Elderly
  • Recovering process from stroke
  • Weak strength patient (lower limb)

Advantage of Using Quad Cane

An advantage of a quad cane is that it provides good stability. Quad canes can also be used on stairs, unlike a standard or wheeled walker. While sitting, a quad cane can stand next to you and will not fall over. When rising from sitting, be sure not to use the quad cane to pull yourself out of the chair, as it may tip over. Stand up first, and then grab the handle.

How to Choose a Quad Cane

There are basically two types of quad canes: wide and narrow base quad canes. Wide base quad canes (WBQC) have a larger base where the four legs are attached. This helps provide more support and improved stability while walking. A wide base quad cane is heavier and may be more difficult to maneuver. A narrow base quad cane (NBQC) has a narrower base where the legs are attached. Although this provides less support than a wide base quad cane, it is easier to lift and maneuver while walking.

To walk with a quad cane, follow these simple steps.

  1. Hold the cane in one hand. If one leg is weak, hold the cane in the hand opposite the weak leg.
  2. Advance the quad cane forward about one arm’s length. Be sure all four legs of the quad cane contact the floor to prevent tipping.
  3. Step forward with the weak leg.
  4. Gently press down into the handle of the quad cane with your hand to help with stability. Advance your other leg just slightly past to first foot.
  5. Repeat this cycle.

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