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Bioplus Junior Pre+probiotic With Lysine 20s

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Bioplus Junior Pre+probiotic With Lysine 20s

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Availability: 6 in stock

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Size (cm)
10(L) x 10(W) x 15(H)
Product Description

5 strains of probiotics which provide a total of 10B CFU to protect your children’s immune health and increase nutrients absorption / 5种菌株提供100亿活菌保护孩子的免疫力和提高肠胃对营养素的吸收。
80mg of L-Lysine to improve your children’s appetite, encourages calcium absorption / 80毫克的L-赖氨酸可以增加孩子的食欲以及钙质的吸收。
Prebiotic Inulin from chicory root helps improve gastrointestinal health / 菊苣根中的益生元菊粉有助于改善肠胃健康。
Vitamin C acts as powerful antioxidant that can strengthen children’s body natural defences / 维生素C作为强大的抗氧化剂,可以增强孩子身体的自然防御能力。
Great-tasting orange flavour / 清甜美味的鲜橙味。
Helps increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut and stimulate immune function / 帮助增加肠道中有益菌种的数量,并激发/刺激免疫功能

Ingredient / Content
Ingredients -Lactobacillus acidophilus AHC-LA80 100mg -Lactobacillus bulgaricus AHC-LB40 100mg -Lactobacillus casei AHCLC11 100mg -Bifidobacterium longum AHC-BL301 100mg -Streptococcus thermophilus AHC-ST30 100mg -L-lysine 80mg -Inulin 177mg -Ascorbic Acid 100mg -No Preservatives -No Artificial Colour & Flavour -Does Not Promote Tooth Decay
How To Use
Children (2-12 years old): 1-2 sachets (2g/sachet), twice daily after meal It can be consumed directly or mix with 100ml of water
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