Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse 200ml | Refreshing Mint

Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse 200ml | Refreshing Mint
Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse 200ml | Refreshing Mint
Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse 200ml | Refreshing Mint


Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse 200ml | Refreshing Mint

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Availability: 104 in stock

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Product Description

Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care is a therapeutic mouth rinse. It has active ingredients intended to kill bacteria. Not only that, it helps control bad breath, gingivitis, plaque and tooth decay. Therefore, it is suitable to use this mouth rinse during tooth infection, tooth decay, before and after tooth extraction for a short period of time. This is because cetylpyridinium and chlorhexidine may cause brown staining of teeth, tongue or restorations. Not suggest to use for long term (more than 1 month).

Antimicrobial in Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse

This antibacterial formulation include chlorhexidine, chlorine dioxide, cetylpyridinium chloride, and essential oils such as thymol.  The combination of chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride has been shown to significantly reduce bad breath. While both chlorhexidine and essential oils can help to control plaque and gingivitis.

Cetylpyridinium, chlorhexidine and essential oils have been shown to reduce plaque and gingivitis. It is best to use together with daily brushing and flossing. In addition, studies have found that chlorhexidine achieved better plaque control than essential oils. 

Benefits of Dentepro CTPlus Oral Care Mouth Rinse

  1. 🦠 Kills 99.9% germs with 0.07% Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Thymol and Chlorhexidine
  2. 🤤 Moisturizes mouth and increase salivary flow with Betaine and Xylitol
  3. 🦷 Soothes mouth & gum with Aloe Vera, Scutellaria Extract, Witch Hazel Extract and Rose Water
  4. 🍃 Refreshing mouth feel with Clove Oil and Peppermint Oil

FREE from Alcohol, SLS, Fluoride, Sugar, Parabens, Triclosan, Artificial Colorant

For people with sensitive teeth and gum, use Dentepro Toothpaste.

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Why do we need a mouth rinse or mouthwash?

Mouth rinse (or mouth wash) is a liquid or solution use by gargling or rinsing our mouth. Like interdental cleaners, mouthwash offers the benefit of reaching areas not easily accessed by a toothbrush. 

When should you use mouth rinse?

  • To treat mouth infection, especially bacteria, and also fungal
  • As an adjunct to tooth brushing
  • Replace tooth brushing after oral surgery or oral trauma
  • For oral refreshing effect and temporary eliminate mouth odour
  • Enhance tooth brushing
  • Soothing and dry mouth-relieving effect
  • Facilitate oral tissue healing
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