Dermatix Ultra Kids 9g | For Scar Lightening



Dermatix Ultra Kids 9g | For Scar Lightening

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New advanced scar formula that is clinically proven to lighten, soften and flatten scars.
Dermatix Ultra Kids is an advanced scar formula that is proven effective in management of scars. It has been used on patients from 3 months old and above, thus gentle on sensitive and delicate skin.

Dermatix Ultra Kids will stay on the skin and take care of the scar for 12 hours, hence the need to apply twice daily- Don’t waste Dermatix Ultra kids by applying too much. A small amount just to cover the scar will be sufficient to make work. If you apply too much, it will just take longer to dry. – A 9g tube of Dermatix Ultra Kids may last approximately 6 weeks and a 15g tube may last approximately 10 weeks, on a 6-inch scar. – Before starting the application of Dermatix Ultra Kids, you may want to take a picture of the scar. For a big elevated scar, you may want to measure its height as well. This will give you a benchmark to track the progress of the scar improvement. – How else can you take care of the scar? You should not expose the scar to extreme temperatures and intense sunlight. Tight clothing should be avoided in case it irritates or injuries the scar tissue. Take good care during stretching exercises that may affect the sensitive skin of scar.

What types of scars can Dermatix Ultra Kids be used for 

-Dermatix Ultra Kids can be used on scars that may result from falls, surgery, burn, cuts, scratches, insect bites, etc. Suitable for children aged 3 months and above.

How To Use
1. Clean the affected area with mild soap and water, and then pat dry. br
2. Place a pea sized amount at the tip of the scar and gently spread thinly over the whole affected area. A pea size is sufficient to cover a 6-inch scar. br
3. Allow to dry for about 1-2 minutes Once dry, Dermatix Ultra Kids may be used with lotion or sunscreen. br

Step 4: Apply Dermatix Ultra Kids twice daily (morning and evening) on clean, dry and intact skin only.
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