Fumakilla Vape One Push | Mosquito Repellent



Fumakilla Vape One Push | Mosquito Repellent

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Product Description

Fumakilla Vape One Push is a substance put on skin, clothing, or other surfaces which discourages mosquitoes from landing or crawling on that surface.

How To Use
Off-label use is an offence.
Close all doors and windows. Spray Vape One Push V upwards at center of the room. One spray is recommended for room size of 36m^3. Every one spray is effective to kill and repel mosquitoes for 12 hours in a closed room. Switch on the lights before spraying. Leave the room after spraying and keep the doors and windows closed for at least 10 minutes before re-entry. Ensure the room is properly ventilated upon entering. One can of Vape One Push V can last for 90 days if one spray is used daily.
Spray with device - Remove Vape One Push V aerosol cap and spray button. Install the aerosol can into the spray device. Press the safety lock button and at the same time, push the top of the device to spray Vape One Push V. After each spray, release the safety lock button.
Spray without device - Press Vape One Push V aerosol button for each spray.
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