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Gkb Kid Probizymes 30s

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Suitable for children 6 months and above
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GKB Kids Probizymes is the perfect blend of probiotics and digestive enzymes specially made for children 6 months and above. It contains 500 million CFU of Bifidobacterium Longum, BraziZyme ® (fermented enzymes from 80 types of fruits and vegetables) and prebiotics inulin. GKB Kids Probizymes does not contain any added sugar so it’s very suitable for children consumption!  


Children’s food intake habit changes throughout their growth, from newborn to infant. Development of microbiota is crucial not only in early life, but will extent to long-term health in childhood and adulthood. Infants share 85% of their oral microbiota with their mother.


Why Bifidobacterium longum?

Bifidobacterium longum is the most common type of Bifidobacterium found in the digestive tract of infants. It is commonly added into milk or yoghurts. B. longum has major functions in promoting gut health and maintaining a healthy gut flora in children. Clinical studies have shown B. longum to improve the immune system in pre-school children.


What is BraziZyme®?

BraziZyme® is a patented enzyme technology which is a fermentation of 80 types of wholegrains, beans & nuts, fruits, vegetables and algae, naturally sourced from Brazil’s ANEW farm, which contains fertile soil without pollution.  


It goes through 3 stages of fermentation by natural acetic acid for more than 10 months, which gives the end product a better flavour, enzyme variety, activity and stability. They used super soft water which contains very little calcium and magnesium in it, but instead have several trace elements for enzyme activation.


BraziZyme® is actually based on the macrobiotics diet concept from Dr. Kushi Michio, where the concept is to use of locally grown foods that are in season, e.g., fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains are used for fermentation. It is based on principles of Chinese Medicine (balance between Yin & Yang) and healthy Japanese cuisine.


Benefits: paragraph/ point form (must have!)


1. Supports proper digestive health in children

2. Relieve gastric symptoms like bloating and indigestion  

3. Maintain healthy immune system

4. Promote healthy gut microbiota


Ingredient / Content
Bifidobacterium Longum 500 million CFU
BraziZyme® (Fermented fruits and vegetables extract powder)
How To Use
1 sachet dissolve in water daily. Peach flavour.
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