Gt&f Milk Powder Sachets 15s | Milk Formula For Diabetes Powder



Gt&f Milk Powder Sachets 15s | Milk Formula For Diabetes Powder

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Product Details
Size (cm)
12.3(L) x 13.5(W) x 9(H)
Target Group
Diabetics (Type 1 & 2), Pre-diabetics, Gestational diabetes, Wound healing, Liver health, Healthy adult, Elderlies
Product Description

GT&F Milk Powder Sachets 15s | Milk Formula for Diabetes Powder

A patented, clinically studied product, GT&F Milk with a combination of Trivalent Chromium, Lactoferrin, Whey Protein Concentrate and best grade New Zealand Milk Powder for a better bioavailability.

Product Feature:

  • Halal certified (THIDA Taiwan Halal).
  • Low in Glycemic Index (GI).
  • Contains Lactoferrin-Chromium complex, the well-absorbed form of dietary trivalent chromium.
  • Has Product Liability Insurance coverage of USD 1 million.
  • A 100% natural food supplement- Made from Best Grade New Zealand milk, Whey Protein Concentrate, Lactoferrin and trivalent chromium.
  • Has various product patents from several countries, intended to prevent and maintain to optimum level.
    • Body Fat (US 20100009014 A1)
    • Blood Lipids (US 20060030519A1)
    • Fatty Liver (US 20120064176A1)
    • Cardiovascular Disorder (US 20070010426A1)
  • Regulates blood sugar, improving cholesterol & triglyceride levels, and other inflammation-related lifestyle complications.


Ingredient / Content
Milk powder, Whey Protein Concentrate, Chromium (III) chloride (200mcg), Lactoferrin
How To Use
• For prediabetics, normal healthy person, one (1) sachet of GT&F® milk each day. • For diabetics and wound healing purposes, two (2) sachets of GT&F® milk each day. • To be taken before a meal. • Mix with warm water. • Recommended to drink on its own (without adding other ingredients) to achieve the best benefits from the product. • It is noted that GT&F milk is not a complete nutrition formulation, therefore it cannot be used as meal replacement. • Diabetic patients on diabetic medications and insulin should consult their respective physician regularly on blood glucose level to manage their glucose levels and medication usage effectively.
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