Joypoo In-n-out Toilet Spray 60ml (packing 5 In 1)



Joypoo In-n-out Toilet Spray 60ml (packing 5 In 1)

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Joypoo In-N-Out Toilet Spray 60Ml (Packing 5 In 1)

Have you ever been to public toilets before? Most of the time, public toilets smell gross and disgusting and full of bacteria & germs. 

As a result,

 – Rush in and out of toilets.

 – Hold breaths as we poo and pee.

 – Lay tissue papers on top of the toilet seat or have our butts remain untouched with the toilet seat.

 – Stay in for minutes to rinse as many times to eliminate the shit stink we left. -Feel embarrassed as the next person goes in right after us. Whoever (s)he is, (s)he is going to hate us.

 – Drains our energy and self-confidence as we ruminate on negative thoughts. What if I told you, there’s a magic solution for it?

It’s called Joy Poo~. It’s the only In-N-Out Toilet Spray with the Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in Malaysia which can effectively keep the shit stink away and bacteria at bay. How does Joy Poo~ make you joyful when you poo?

  1. Spray 2-3 times onto the water surface in the toilet bowl.
  2. The Joy Poo~® Scientifically-proven formula forms a layer on top of the water, trapping bad odours out of the surface.
  3. Our essential-oil-based formula diffuses a fresh fragrance and you can proceed to do your cookies at ease.
  4. Joy, love and confidence are what you breathe in.

 With Joy Poo~, we can…

 – Stay in toilets as long as we want because it smells so refreshing and good!

 – Seat peacefully as it keeps toilet seats clean and bacteria-free

 – Walk out of the toilet like a Queen and the next person will remember and like us.

 – Feel recharged and revitalised after poo and pee.


What’s inside of Joy Poo? 

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Non-Toxic Ingredients: 

◦ No Aerosol 

◦ No Parabens 

◦ No Phthalates 

◦ No Formaldehyde

◦ No Benzene

◦ No Silicone

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