Kenhealth Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Kenhealth Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Kenhealth Liquid Crystal Thermometer
Kenhealth Liquid Crystal Thermometer


Kenhealth Liquid Crystal Thermometer

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The body temperature can be measured by gently placing the forehead patch on the forehead for a few seconds.

Green indicates the correct temperature; if green does not appear, find the tan or blue
Color. (Accuracy:±0.3°C/ 0.5°F)
Tan: Deduct 0.3°C/ 0.5°F from number shown
Blue: Add 0.3°C/ 0.5°F to number shown

The temperature strip is using to measure the temperature of the patient’s forehead with a liquid crystal display. The use of the forehead temperature strip is only 9.2 CM long and 2.5 CM wide, and a storage box can be stored to facilitate taking out the door.

It is the only kind thermometer has continuous observation and easy use important features. Also with the following characteristics: efficiency, continuity, safety, accuracy, and hygiene.

Time of taking strip temperature is fast, and is closer to the core temperature than mouth temperature, and it comes with Celsius and Fahrenheit, Celsius temperature is 35 – 35.5 – 36 – 36.5 – 37 – 37.5 – 38 -38.5 – 39 – 39.5 – 40. The time of taking temperature test is short so it’s fast to read the temperature of the body’s central temperature, and then immediately responds to fever, which provide the most convenient and sustainable follow-up especially for toddlers, patients with surgeons, seriously illness or in coma, and sleepers who are not easily to be temperature measured.

The material of this excellent temperature measurement tool is not like mercury that is made of glass material and contains mercury, it will not cut the patient and it is not contagious like taking oral and anal temperature measurement.

The accuracy of the temperature does not depend on the precise difference of 0.1 degrees C. It is whether it can reflect the temperature of the body’s central body temperature.

The liquid crystal thermometer strip has gradually replaced various traditional methods in measuring body temperature that is widely accepted for use.
This is a safety product with ISO 13485 and CE certification.

OEM or ODM is welcome for this product, which we can accept customized designed according to the customer’s favorite designs and printed with customized LOGO. The crystal ink display for temperature can do customized to meet the needs of the clients.

1. Efficiency, Continuity, Safety, Accuracy, and Hygiene.
2. Effectively indicates baby’s temperature in both Fahrenheit & Centigrade.
3. Colored display.
4. Temperature measurement goes up by 0.5°C from 35°C to 40°C.
5. Easy to read.
6. Comfortable and simple to use.
7. Re-useable.
8. 12 patterns for choice.

Temperature Scale: 35 – 35.5 – 36 – 36.5 – 37 – 37.5 – 38 – 38.5 – 39 – 39.5 – 40°C
Size of Product: 9.5cm x 2.5cm

Hold the forehead thermometer firmly at both ends and press against dry center of forehead. Hold it until the colors stop changing. It takes around 15 seconds

Read the temperature while the forehead thermometer is still on the forehead. You may need a mirror to read the temperature by yourself if no one assists you in taking the reading.

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