Multi-Gyn Actigel 50ml | Vaginal Treatment

Multi-Gyn Actigel 50ml | Vaginal Treatment
Multi-Gyn Actigel 50ml | Vaginal Treatment
Multi-Gyn Actigel 50ml | Vaginal Treatment


Multi-Gyn Actigel 50ml | Vaginal Treatment

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel 50ml

Multi-Gyn ActiGel is highly effective in the prevention and treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and other vaginal discomforts.

These include discharge, odour, itch, irritation, sensitivity, redness and soreness.

The patented 2QR-complex in Multi-Gyn ActiGel blocks harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way.

Multi-Gyn ActiGel has a direct soothing effect on itch and irritation.

It also counters yeast (Candida) and optimises the vaginal flora and condition of the tissue.

Multi-Gyn ActiGel is a natural product, based on the 2QR-complex. Multi-Gyn has no fragrance, no ingredients from animal origin, no preservatives or hormones.

The 50ml tube is sufficient for up to 25 applications. Multi-Gyn ActiGel is a natural, bio-active formula with no limitations in its use and no interference with medication.

The symptoms of BV are: Greyish-white discharge, unpleasant fish-like odour, itching, possible burning during urination, but no swelling. Treat with Multi-Gyn ActiGel.

The symptoms of thrush are: White, yeasty discharge, usually thick but can be watery, intense itching, burning, soreness and swelling.

Ingredient / Content
Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid Crosspolymer*, Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Caprylyl Gylcol

*2QR:pateneted bio-active polysaccarides
How To Use
How to use :

For treatment of bacterial vaginosis (BV) with undesired discharge and/or odour, apply to the vagina at least twice a day in ample quantity for at least five days.

For prevention of undesired discharge, odour and related complaints, or to counter yeast, one application per three days is sufficient. More frequent application increases the efficacy.

In case of vaginal discomforts such as itch, irritation, sensitivity, redness and soreness apply Multi-Gyn ActiGel in ample quantity at least once a day or whenever relief is desired.

After application you may experience a tingling sensation. This sensation is normal and will quickly disappear.
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