Promedictech Aluminum Mobile Commode Cc-2696l | Adjustable & Foldable


Promedictech Aluminum Mobile Commode Cc-2696l | Adjustable & Foldable

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- Elderly
- Individuals with limited mobility
- Post-surgery, people with walking difficulties, joints problems
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Promedictech Aluminum Mobile Commode CC-2696L is a commode chair for restroom use. It has a PP Smooth surface to provide a comfortable sitting experience and Anti-slip handle to prevent slipping. Promedictech Aluminum Mobile Commode is also easy to fold and lightweight for storage and transport and it is made of high-quality material to ensure better stability. Most importantly, its height is adjustable and suitable for different height users. Not only that, this commode come with 4 wheels so that can easily move to toilet. 

Features of Promedictech Aluminum Mobile Commode:

  • Material: Chromed Steel Frame
  • Carton size: 580 x 120 x 800MM
  • Armrest, Bedpan, and LID for the toilet
  • Foldable and adjustable
  • Use of the restroom
  • Weight limit: 100kg

How to transfer to commode chair

  • Firstly, make sure your loved one’s feet aren’t crossed as he or she prepares to use the restroom.
  • Before standing, have the person lean forward. If necessary, assist him or her in standing. With both arms, the person can assist in pushing.
  • Next, assist the person in turning slowly and stepping back to sit on the commode.
  • When your loved one sits down, make sure they don’t lose their balance.

How to use Promedictech Aluminum Mobile Commode 

  • Ensure that the container is tucked beneath the seat.
  • Before using the container, fill it with a small amount of water. This makes cleaning the container later much easier.
  • Assist the person in getting out of bed and onto the toilet. If necessary, wear a gait belt.
  • Keep an eye on the person for safety reasons, or give them a bell to ring when they are finished or require assistance.

What to do after using a commode chair

  • If necessary, assist your loved one in wiping. Cleaning with wet wipes may be more effective than with toilet paper.
  • If you assist your loved one in wiping, change your gloves if they are soiled. Some people prefer to wipe with long-handled wipes on their own.
  • Assist your loved one in getting off the toilet. Slowly turn your loved one back to the bed or chair, and then sit.
  • Pour the contents of the commode bucket into the toilet.
  • Using a disinfectant diluted with water, rinse and wash the commode bucket or basin. Allow the commode to air dry.

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