Celllabs Posh D-centa 30s



Celllabs Posh D-centa 30s

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 Indulge into the luxury of being Elegant, Stylish & Upper-classPOSH D-Centa (PureOutstandingSupremeHarvest Deer Placenta) is exclusively formulated using100%Pure and Finest QualityDeerPlacentaextract fromWorldRenowned Healthy Red Deer (Cervus elaphus). New Zealand Red Deer produce very large antlers and are regarded as amongst the “Best in the world”. POSH D-Centa is fully harvested, researched and manufactured in New Zealand. One of the most pristine grassland and the least polluted places on earth. Weonly support government licensed farmsto supply for ourPure Outstanding Supreme Harvest Deer Placenta. New Zealand has been known to be the most Stringent yet Best Natural Farming Practice in the world.It is everyone’s dream to retain youthfulness yet at the same time able to overtake any new challenges, POSH D-Centa is the NextGen Epistolic Deer Placenta. Uniquely & naturally blended with12 Natural Luxurious Ingredients, it is designed for every perfectionist who desires of findingVitality and Beauty from Within.OurCutting-Edge Extensive ResearchCentercreates the most Innovative and Advanced Technology yet natural approach to synergies all the goodness from natures to createa one of it’s kind Live Cell Therapy.

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