Rossmax Suction Pump V3 16lpm | Phlegm Suction

Rossmax Suction Pump V3 16lpm | Phlegm Suction
Rossmax Suction Pump V3 16lpm | Phlegm Suction
Rossmax Suction Pump V3 16lpm | Phlegm Suction


Rossmax Suction Pump V3 16lpm | Phlegm Suction

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Product Details
Size (cm)
40.5(L) x 23(W) x 29.5(H)
Target Group
Ideal for tracheostomized patients, minor surgical applications and post-operative therapy in home-care and hospital.
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Product Description

Rossmax Suction Pump V3, also known as an aspirator, is a type of medical device that is primarily used for removing obstructions — like mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions — from a person’s airway. When an individual is unable to clear secretions due to a lack of consciousness or an ongoing medical procedure, suction machines help them breathe by maintaining a clear airway.

Rossmax Suction Pump V3 is a combination of advanced engineering and modern design of oil-free lubrication suction device. Ideal for tracheostomized patients, minor surgical applications and post-operative therapy in home-care and hospital.

Highlight of Rossmax Suction Pump V3:

  • Comfortable – High performance pump delivers -550mmHg vacuum and 16 liter/min flow rate.
  • Triple Protection – Overflow valve plus anti-bacteria filter and fool-proof design that prevents back flow of fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the pump.
  • Convenient – Easy to store using tubing holder and accessory compartment.
  • Ergonomic – Comprehensive dashboard with ergonomic view angle ensures a smooth operation.

How to Use Suction Pump?

  • Firstly, Connect all tube as shown in picture below. Don’t misplace the tube.
  • Secondly, Connect cable.
  • Thirdly, Turn ON button
  • Fourthly, Connect catheter to the end of long tube.
  • Lastly, Regulate pressure. to decrease turn left, to increase power turn right. block the long tube to check the pressure gauge and turn the regulator until required pressure.
  • Remember, Empty bottle after every use to avoid overflow.

Click here to learn more about Suction Pump. 

How To Use
The device must be checked before each use in order to detect malfunctions and / or damage caused by transport and / or storage and do not connect to power if damage is apparent. Before each use, the accessories must be carefully inspected to ensure the absence of dust, incrustation, clots or liquid substances both inside the connecting tubing and the collection canister. Furthermore, they must be cleaned following the instructions rigorously. We recommend personal use of the accessories, the collection canister, the connecting tubing and antibacterial filter to prevent risk of contagious infection.
1. Assembling procedures
1-1. Connect one end of connecting silicone tubing (?8mm,14cm), with the antibacterial filter marked ?IN? side, to the VACUUM inlet of the collection canister marked in yellow
1-2. Connect the other end, with the antibacterial filter marked ?OUT? side, to the ?AIR INLET? connector of the suction unit marked in yellow.
1-3. Connect the connecting PVC tubing (?7mm,180cm) to the ?PATIENT? inlet of the collection canister.
1-4. Connect the AC adaptor with the AC adaptor jack on the right side of the unit.
1. Use only the authorized Rossmax AC adaptor with this aspirator.
2. Ensure that the FLUID SIDE or IN marker on the filter is on the side facing the collection canister and fit into the ?VACUUM? inlet. A wrong connection may cause immediate destruction in case of contact with sucked liquids.
2. Setup Before Use
2-1. Before each use, inspect the unit and accessories. If damaged, expired and/ or deteriorated, replace it at once.
2-2. Place the unit on a flat, horizontal surface.
2-3. Plug the AC adaptor into the socket.
2-4. Place the switch to the ?I? (ON) position.
2-5. Collapse the tubing with the antibacterial filter and check the vacuum gauge to test that the unit makes vacuum without any leakage and this level varies when the vacuum regulator is acted on.
2-6. Obstruct the connecting tubing and adjust the level of vacuum prescribed by the doctor in the vacuum gauge turning the vacuum flow adjustment knob/ vacuum regulator.
Note: The vacuum regulator can be used to set the level of vacuum required (mmHg/kPa). Turn the regulator clockwise, in the ?+? direction, to obtain a higher vacuum; or anticlockwise for a lower vacuum; these values can be read on the vacuum gauge.
Important: The vacuum values on the control decal are purely for guidance; always refer to the reading shown on the vacuum gauge.
Note: Gauge is for reference only. If the unit sustains a severe drop, accuracy of the gauge must be checked.
2-7. Place the switch to the ?O? (OFF) position.
1. The device is intended to be used on a flat, horizontal surface in order for the overflow valve to function correctly and prevent liquids from entering the suction pump. The device must be kept away from walls to allow for adequate engine cooling.
2. In case unit is dropped, always transport unit with vacuum regulator rotated fully clockwise.
3. Starting the Suction
3-1. Connect the suction catheter to the connecting PVC tubing (?7mm,180cm)
Note: suction catheter and manual regulator are not supplied by Rossmax.
3-2. Switch on the unit (ON/OFF switch)
3-3. Place your finger on the manual regulator to activate the suction, begin suction on the patient using the suction catheter. The unit is ready to put the suction catheter to the patient.
3-4. After application, switch off the device and remove the AC adaptor from the mains socket. Perform the cleaning operations as described in the ?cleaning, sanitization, disinfection ?paragraph.
Note: A 30-minute interval is recommended after each use. Do not operate the device continuously for more than 30 minutes for a single use without turning it off and following with a cooling period for at least 30 minutes.
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