Ybc Chip Star S Usushio (Lightly Salted) 45g | P0rovide Potassium & Panththenic Acid



Ybc Chip Star S Usushio (Lightly Salted) 45g | P0rovide Potassium & Panththenic Acid

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Ybc Chip Star Usushioa with Mild Salt favor! The secret of Chip Star’s deliciousness!
The potato flakes used in Chip Star are of the highest quality! The main ingredients, potato flakes and water, are simply blended together to create a beautiful shape and a real taste sensation.

The secret behind the light and refreshing taste.
One of the appealing features of Chip Star is that it is made of vegetable oil and fat, which have excellent flavor and do not alter the taste of food. This is the secret behind the light and refreshing taste that makes you want to eat more and more.

Japan’s first molded potato chip, Chip Star, was born in 1976. Since then, it has been loved as a national potato chip for 40 years. Its simple taste, with no added extras, and its neatly curled, oval shape have remained unchanged. In addition to the original “Usu shio” flavor, the “Consommé” and “Nori shio” flavors are also popular.

The secret of the name
Once you hear the name “Chip Star”, you will never forget it. In fact, this name is a tentative name that was given to the product by a staff member who wished for it to become the most popular potato chip star. Perhaps such a wish reached the stars, for the Chip Star continues to be a long-selling product. May it continue to live up to its name and be loved by everyone!

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