Mobilis Backrest With Pillow F-10



Mobilis Backrest With Pillow F-10

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Suitable for user who need to sitting, rest or having their meal at certain degree
Product Description

Mobilis Backrest with Pillow F-10, also referred to as the rest-cure, is a medical treatment in which a person lies in bed for most of the time to try to cure an illness. Bed rest refers to voluntarily lying-in bed as a treatment and not being confined to bed because of a health impairment which physically prevents leaving bed.

Many people associate a bed backrest with nursing profiling beds whether they be for medical or domestic environments.  However, backrests are not just part of an integrated bed but can be stand-alone accessories, used on any standard domestic bed.

Benefits of using Mobilis Backrest with Pillow

For people with back pain bed rest has previously been recommended. Bed rest, however, is less beneficial than staying active. As a treatment for low back pain, bed rest should not be used for more than 48 hours.

For people who need to have their meal on bed. Whether this is occasionally or regularly it is important to understand how the swallowing muscles work effectively.

There is a lot of research evidence to show that the musculature involved in swallowing works more effectively and efficiently when at an angle greater than 30 degrees. When less than 30 degrees, the muscles must work harder and food/fluid can go down the larynx into the respiratory system, hence the expression ‘gone down the wrong way’. 

This can lead to acquiring pneumonia and many care environments have adopted a minimum 30 degree tilt sleep policy. This is to ensure that overnight secretions do not go into the lung. The aim therefore is to reduce the number of hospital acquired pneumonia cases.

Product Highlight of Mobilis Backrest with Pillow

  • Offer increased comfort. Metal frame deflected away from the normal position of the head.
  • Strong canvas stretched over a white powder coasted steel frame providing back support at an adjustable angle from 35 degrees to 90 degrees.
  • Secure and comfortable, this back rest will adjust from almost upright to almost flat.
  • The metal frame is covered with a breathable nylon fabric and is supplied with a small pillow for extra comfort.

Product Specification of Mobilis Backrest with Pillow

  • Maximum height: 22.75”” / 58CM
  • Depth: 19.5”” / 50CM
  • Weight: 2.8kg / 6lbs
  • Max user weight: 18 stone /115Kgs

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