Brand New Alpro Green Bag Awaits You

By Alpro Pharmacy

June 2, 2022


Products we use in our daily lives are made from different materials. One of which the most commonly used material is plastic. It is light weighted and can easily be shaped, that is why it is used on such a large scale. Although it is used in making many products, but it is a material that is not very environment friendly. Plastic is considered the most dangerous material for our environment; the reason is that they are not easily decomposed and contribute to the degradation of the environment. Plastic liters create land and water pollution and also any plastic bag which is burned creates harmful gases that are bad for our air. A plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on the environment. Moreover, the cost of recycling plastic bags outweighs their value. This is another reason why most of the plastic bags find their way to landfill sites. This results in a huge pile of garbage that can be seen across the city, releasing a foul smell throughout the day and serving as distraction for the community. 

What is Alpro doing?

In Alpro, we want to do our best to help and raise the awareness about this preventable issue. Therefore, we will be running a Shop with Alpro Green Bag campaign by selling a recycle bag, named Alpro Green Bag with the size of 58cm (W) x 44cm (H) x 14cm (D).

This campaign is targeted at creating environmental awareness in Malaysian shoppers, by educating them on the ecologically damaging impact of plastic waste with hopes of encouraging them to take reusable bags when they go shopping to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags that harm the marine life.

This campaign will provide you with an additional 50 Alpro points with a minimum spend of RM10 when you shop with Alpro Green Bag in any of our outlets.

What can you contribute?

In conjunction of the Alpro 20th Anniversary, , you can get the Alpro Green Bag at only RM5. You also can get an additional 50 Alpro Points with a minimum purchase of RM10 when you shop with Alpro Green Bag in any of our outlets.

For Alpro members, we will have something special for you! You can redeem your Alpro Green Bag with 750 points! With this, you can help out, even if it is just a little, you can help in making a difference. Protecting something that is special and surreal for our next generation to also experience.

Get Yours Now!

Better late than never! Come and get your Alpro Green Bag today at any of our outlets and start our journey in making our world a better place little by little, day by day.

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