Morinaga Subscription Plan

By Alpro Pharmacy

July 1, 2022

Morinaga Subscription Plan: 18 packs Chil-Kid 600g Get Free Gift Worth RM200

Subscription plan starting from 1st July 2022

*Free gift is in limited stock, first come first serve basis. While stocks last.

Why subscription plan?

⭐ Available to collect by batch (6 packs/time)
⭐ Assure genuine products
⭐ Guarantee product freshness minimum 12 months
⭐ Save up to 20% per pack!

Visit your nearest Alpro Pharmacy to ask more!

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Terms & Conditions: ⁣

  1. MORINAGA SUBSCRIPTION PLAN is exclusively for Alpro members only.
  2. The plan will officially begin from 1 July 2022.
  3. The terms of the agreement begin from Date of Commencement (date of subscribe), as shown on this contract, will continue until the end of the subscription as noted in the terms of the Date of Termination.
  4. Customers can subscribe through Alpro Pharmacy outlets.
  5. Subscription ends under either one of these two (2) conditions:
    1. 18 boxes of Morinaga Chil kid 600g has been redeemed  
    2. The duration of the package has ended in 6 months. The remaining boxes yet to be redeemed after the maximum subscription period will be forfeited. 

*Note: Subscription begins when customers make payment.

  1. Cancellation Policy – No cancellation will be allowed once a customer subscribes to the plan.
  2. MORINAGA SUBSCRIPTION PLAN is an ongoing subscription plan. Every subscriber will receive ONE (1) limited FREE GIFT worth RM200.
  3. We reserve the right to update or change the terms anytime without prior notice.
  4.  Prize is not exchangeable or transferrable for cash.
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