Muscle and Joint Test | FREE | April – June 2021

By Ph. Chan Chiew Ying

April 1, 2021

Why Muscle and Joint Test?


Muscle and joint test are not something new in Malaysia, but sadly no one heard about it before.

Have you ever felt that it’s starting to become difficult to walk due to muscle weakness or joint issues? 



51% of elderly people in Malaysia have muscle wasting?


1 out of 3 elderly people fall down every year in Malaysia?

360,000 elderly people suffered from chronic pain daily?

These are due to the low awareness, where the muscle and joint problems often go undiagnosed and eventually addressed with an accident by the time we find out. That’s where muscle and joint tests come into the picture.


So, how to know if you have a healthy muscle and joint?

Grab your FREE TEST today to find out! 

Only Available from April – June 2021

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muscle and joint test


Who’s going to do the Test?

Don’t worry about it! We have both Painwise Pharmacist and Community Physiotherapists to assist you in muscle and joint test! Painwise pharmacists are certified pharmacists who are expert in pain management and will develop a plan to ease up your lifestyle. On the other hand, community physiotherapists would be expert in human anatomy who will be able to develop various physical therapy for muscle activation or recovery. 

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