Outlet List Of Pediasure Peptigro 1.8kg 2 Boxes FREE 600g

By Alpro Pharmacy

November 2, 2023

Parents 🔊 Are your children growing well? How can you tell?

Do you know, nutrition contributes to 80% to a child’s growth before age of 5 ✋🏻 Genetics only account for 20% 🧬 According to a report by Meera Murugesan, 1 in 5 children in Malaysia is stunted, and 1 in 10 is affected by wasting. It’s time to change these alarming numbers! 📉

(Source: News Strait Times, July 2023)

Alpro Foundation is here to help with “Sihat Anak Malaysia”, ensuring your child’s growth is healthy 📈 We are wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting parents by offering an exclusive subsidy for Pediasure milk formula, guaranteeing you the lowest price in town! 🤑 This remarkable offer is exclusively available to our cherished members. 🥰

Pediasure Peptigro 1.8kg 2 Boxes FREE 600g is available at selected outlets only!

Starting in October 2023, parents can find Pediasure 1.6kg and 1.8kg at all Alpro Pharmacy outlets. But that’s not all – you can unlock even more instant savings with the Alpro Foundation’s exclusive “Open Tin” discount 💰, ensuring you secure the best price on Pediasure milk formula in town! 🥳


Alpro Pharmacy Jalan Pesta

Alpro Pharmacy Simpang Renggam

Alpro Pharmacy Bukit Pasir

Alpro Pharmacy Mount Austin

Alpro Pharmacy Bukit Indah



Alpro Pharmacy Kubang Kerian

Alpro Pharmacy Pasir Pekan



Alpro Pharmacy Jln Munshi Abdullah


Negeri Sembilan:

Alpro Pharmacy Nilai

Alpro Pharmacy Kuala Pilah

Alpro Pharmacy Regina Mall

Alpro Pharmacy Lobak

Alpro Pharmacy Jln Dato Bandar Tunggal

Alpro Pharmacy Bahau

Alpro Pharmacy Lukut

Alpro Pharmacy Rasah Prima

Alpro Pharmacy Biz Avenue

Alpro Pharmacy Taipan Senawang

Alpro Pharmacy Centrio



Alpro Pharmacy Bandar Jengka

Alpro Pharmacy Jalan Berserah

Alpro Pharmacy Air Putih

Alpro Pharmacy Taman Tas

Alpro Pharmacy Jln Tun Ismail

Alpro Pharmacy Batu 3

Alpro Pharmacy Indera Mahkota

Alpro Pharmacy Bukit Setongkol

Alpro Pharmacy Bentong, Pahang


Pulau Pinang:

Alpro Pharmacy Bayan Lepas


Alpro Pharmacy Damai Plaza

Alpro Pharmacy Beverly Hills 



Alpro Pharmacy Sarikei

Alpro Pharmacy Junction 5



Alpro Pharmacy Bandar Seri Putra

Alpro Pharmacy Bandar Baru Bangi

Alpro Pharmacy Jenjarom



Alpro Pharmacy Kuala Terengganu

Alpro Pharmacy Bandar Chukai

Alpro Pharmacy Gong Badak

Terms & Conditions:

1. The “Sihat Anak Malaysia campaign” is applicable to Alpro’s
members only which is support by Alpro Foundation .
2. The “Sihat Anak Malaysia campaign” is applicable to selected
brands decided by Alpro Group.
3. To prevent group purchases, milk powder purchased at the “Sihat
Anak Malaysia campaign” price must be opened and unsealed
after payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
4. No returns or exchanges are allowed for “Sihat Anak Malaysia
campaign” purchased items.
5. Selection of gifts is on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks
6. Alpro Pharmacy reserves the right to investigate or reject any
suspected fraudulent requests.
7. Alpro Group reserves the right to make the final decision regarding
the price of the “Sihat Anak Malaysia campaign”

My Healthy Growth Journey @ Alpro Pharmacy

Bring your child to enroll in “My Healthy Growth Journey,” where our healthcare professionals will be with you every step of the way towards a healthier future. 🌱

Together, let’s bring hope and changing the lives of our little ones for a brighter and healthier future! ❤️ Visit your nearest Alpro Pharmacy to get milk formula at the lowest price in town.

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