Parents’ Day Special: Get Up to 50% Off on SUGO365 Subscription Plan

By Alpro Pharmacy

July 24, 2022

As we grow, our parents age and the number of days we could put a smile on their faces reduces. Some said, parents are the easiest to please because it makes them happy just by listening to our voices or receiving a simple “I am fine” text from us. Is that all that we can do? Can we do better?
Yes, for sure you can! Your CARE can actually be digitalised and made travel MILES. That is the reason SUGO365 is born – to make diabetic care available anywhere to anyone.
Subscribe SUGOVIP package Now at RM360/year! You will get:
✅500 pcs test strips
✅12 months Digital App Membership
✅Free Consultation with Nutritionist/Dietitian
With this, you can actually care for them afar alongside the healthcare professionals!

Sign up for them now and bring out their sweetest smiles!

Why subscription plan?

⭐ Available to collect by batch (100 strips/time)
⭐ Assure genuine products
⭐ Stress-free on the expiry date of test strips
⭐ Comes with digital application membership and nutritionist/dietitian consultation

Subscribe online and have it delivered to your doorstep!

Wish to know more about the subscription plan?

Talk to SUGO365 Nutritionist and Dietitian now!

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