Project Bangku Pallet Collection

By Alpro Foundation

March 24, 2022

Wooden Pallet Size

Estimated to be 800×1200×144 mm

Collection Point

Alpro Group Head Office and Distribution Centre
Locate via Waze / Google 

How to register?

  1.  Click on the preferred date.
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About Project Bangku

Project Bangku is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign by Alpro Foundation ( A subsidiary of Alpro Pharmacy), where Alproeans are realizing the idea of upcycling the wooden pallet and make it as a bench for the customer to sit while they are queueing at the outlets due to the restriction of social distancing.

Why Wooden Pallet?
The cause of this project started from the social issues of pandemic towards the increase demand in pallets. There are roughly 5 billion pallets in use worldwide, and an estimated 2 billion in the U.S. Alone.

Little that we know, all wooden pallets are made out of nails, chemical paints. When the wooden pallets are sent to landfills, there are being exposed to rain outdoor. Wooden corrosion will cause huge issues like termite encroachment to the environment. We see a parallel impact of the increase of economy and wooden pallet waste.

Hence, Alpro Foundation thought of why not change waste into something useful again?

By Upcycling the wooden pallets, we just need to do minimum modifications and a new benches are made. We believe that protecting the environment, it makes our earth a more sustainable place to live.


In Alpro Pharmacy, we want to lessen the environmental impact of wood pallets. Hence, we stepped out and take the initiative to upcycle the old wooden pallets into new benches and intend to place them in our outlets for customers to rest while waiting to be served, waiting for family to pick up, etc.

However, we have been waiting for the approval of Majlis Perbandaran for us to perform this placement for quite some time. Thus, we hope everyone who cares about the environment, like YOU, join us in signing the petition to tell the respective party to APPROVE our Green Initiative.

How to join us?

Sign petition in

Let’s do it and help let others join us.
Share our petition and hashtag #isupportProjectBangku

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