SugO365: Teroka FUN Resipi Diabetik I 糖尿食谱:一起开FUN啦!

By Sugo 365

October 12, 2022

Our last year issue, “U-Turn Diabetic the Fun Way” is a must-read for all those who are wrestling with diabetes as it comprises everything that they need to know from the healthcare professionals about the ups and downs of blood glucose levels.

This year, something fun is brewing. SugO365 team is seeking a breakthrough by incorporating science to your kitchen. Controlling blood glucose is not about putting restriction on our diet; it is about adding a dash of creativity in the preparation of our food with a goal of bettering our health.

In this book, there are 25 recipes adapted from Malay to Chinese and Indian cultures brought to you by 19 certified nutritionists and dietitians, making it a perfect gift for everyone who needs helps in balancing between blood glucose control and joy for food. One great news is that it comes in bilingual versions (Malay and Mandarin)! Let this recipe book shows you a better way to enjoy food and puts your creativity into good use as you put all ingredients together. Have FUN cooking!

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