Alpro Little Pharmacist Camp 2023 at SJK(C) Kuo Kuang

September 04, 2023

🌟 We are excited to share the wonderful journey we embarked on during the Alpro Little Pharmacist Camp held on August 26, 2023! 🏥💊

At this remarkable event, we had the privilege of nurturing young minds, equipping them with essential knowledge about medication safety from an early age. We believe that educating our children about the safe use of medications is a vital step in promoting their well-being and the well-being of our community.

But this camp was more than just learning; it was a chance for our little ones to immerse themselves in the role of a pharmacist, to understand the responsibilities, and to witness the fascinating process that goes into ensuring the health of our community.

We are proud to have created an environment where curiosity, learning, and hands-on experiences came together to shape the future of healthcare🌱👩‍⚕️ Thank you to all the parents, children, and volunteers who made this event a resounding success. Together, we are building a healthier, safer future! 🙌❤️

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