Alpro基金会Metabolic Basic计划向有需要人士伸援手

By Alpro Foundation

July 24, 2020

家中是否有病患需大量营养奶粉来进行导管喂食(tube feeding)而导致经济出现困境?

Alpro基金会Metabolic Basic计划向有需要人士伸援手…. 阅读更多


Metabolic Basic
It means more than fulfilling basic needs for a tube feeding patient

Everyone hopes to be healthy
Achieving goals in life
Spending time on hobbies and things we like
Traveling around the world

Believe to see.
We believe that you can make it through
With sufficient nutrients
In the most affordable price
Or even 100% subsidized under Alpro Foundation.

You are not alone.
Be it patient or carer or family member
You have us 🙂

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