Alpro Pharmacy joins hand with Petronas and Geng Plastic Ija

By Alpro Pharmacy

March 1, 2023

Alpro Pharmacy joins hand with Petronas and Geng Plastic Ija to champion safe medication disposal.

Kertih, March 1: Recently, Malaysia’s largest pharmacy chain, Alpro  Pharmacy teamed up with Petronas Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd and Geng Plastik Ija  (GPI) to carry out plogging activity at Pantai Rantau Laut, Kertih.

More than 1,025 kg of litter was picked up from the 1km beach by 85 volunteers. This also marks the inauguration of the partnership between GPI and Alpro Pharmacy, in which both parties share similar values in ensuring a clean and safe environment.

While most of the trash collected were plastic bottles which will be sent for recycling, Ph. Ryan Ho Zheng Chuan from Alpro Pharmacy Kemaman shared with participants that not all  pollutants to our environment could be seen by the naked eye.

For example, there have  been reports of contraceptive medicine which have been irresponsibly discarded causing  sterilisation of fishes in the ecosystem. 

In Malaysia, 99 per cent of the water supply for domestic use deriving from surface water such as  streams and rivers, and The World Economic Forum’s research has shown that the  concentration of pharmaceuticals in waterways is reaching dangerous levels, therefore, Alpro  Pharmacy has placed dedicated medication disposal bins at all 200+ Alpro outlets nationwide  to collect excess medicines to be disposed ethically without polluting the environment. 

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