#LookDeeper to See What’s Critical: AIA Offers Free Health Checks to Help Malaysians Stay Healthy

By Alpro Pharmacy

April 26, 2022

As part of the #LiveWithVitality campaign by AIA Malaysia, pharmacists at Alpro Pharmacy are offering free health screening to test blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and body mass index (BMI) for Malaysians.

AIA Malaysia is offering Free Health Checks to all Malaysians nationwide in its ongoing efforts to enable Healthier, Longer, Better Lives. Throughout the months of April and May, Malaysians are welcome to walk into any Alpro Pharmacy outlet and claim a basic health screening, free-of-charge. The screening includes tests for blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose, as well as calculations of Body Mass Index (BMI). 

The initiative is part of the insurer’s #LiveWithVitality campaign which aims to raise awareness of the importance of regular health screenings. With the rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and critical illnesses (CI) in Malaysia, AIA wants to encourage more Malaysians to practise prevention methods and seek an early diagnosis for a better quality of life.  

The #LiveWithVitality campaign is part of AIA’s efforts to encourage Malaysians to know their health better.

“The #LiveWithVitality campaign is part of AIA’s efforts to encourage Malaysians to know their health better. Instead of only seeing the doctor when something is amiss, we want to raise awareness on the importance of periodic health checks in preventing late-stage NCD and CI diagnoses. As Malaysia inches towards becoming an ageing nation, health screenings are vital for early detection and diagnosis, which then leads to better prognosis and recovery. We hope that with this initiative, we are able to make health screenings more accessible to Malaysians from all walks of life for improved public health.” says Heng Zee Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd. 

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