Safe, Sealed & Convenient

Multi-Dose Packaging System


Personally Packed

By Your Dedicated Pharmacist

Medicpak is an innovative and patented multi-dose packaging system that makes it easy to take your medication. Each medicpak blister pack contains 28 individual blisters that contain your prescribed medication for a specific time ( morning, noon, evening or bedtime ) and date. Fast access to essential information with name, medication and the time it should be taken.


Taking More Than One Type Of Medication?

Medicpak makes it easy. Each dose is blister packed and marked with the time and day it needs to
be taken. You can trust Medicpak because they are packed by your pharmacist.

  • Waterproof and Airtight Protection
    for Your Medication
  • Personalized Customization
    to Suit Your Needs
  • Make Your Medication Taking
    Hassle Free
  • Detachable Units and Easy to
    Carry Along
  • Minimize Error and No More
    Forgetting of Taking Your Meds
  • Discreet and portable. Carry it
    with you anywhere
  • Reduces the chance of error,
    overdose or underdose
  • Packs can be formatted to
    weekly or monthly for your
  • A day’s medication comes in a
    convenient tear-off-strip
  • See at glance if medication has
    been taken
  • Simple to use for people of all
  • Reminder when your medication is
  • Clear instructions avoid confusion
  • No bulky bottles to cart around
    or store

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