Why Throw When You Can Fix?

Yes, there’s no need to throw away the whole thing when there’s only one part goes wrong. Here, you get to find the best repair services for medical equipment, such as hospital bed, oxygen concentrator and wheelchair in Malaysia! Our mission aims at letting our customer’s life to shine beyond barriers with the help of homecare after-service. We are always ready to go through the ups and downs with our customers.

Silvercare Popup Repair


Our mission is to ensure the good condition & performance of the medical equipment to safeguard the life quality of the user.

Our Strength

We have technicians with more than 10 years experiences in the servicing and repair of rehabilitation items. Every items will go through careful examination & handling of our technicians before returning back to customer with the aim to ensure user safety.

Silvercare Popup Repair
Save Cost

The cheapest charge can go to as low as RM 25.

T&C applied.

Silvercare Popup Repair
Safe & Fast Repair

We understand your urgency and will try our best to get it fixed as soon as possible!

Silvercare Popup Repair
Home Visit

Special doorstep repair service for those who have difficulty of leaving their house. Only available to certain areas.

T&C applied.

We Repair

At A Reasonable Cost

Silvercare Popup Repair
Mobility Aid
  • Walking Stick
  • Crutches
  • Quad Cane
Silvercare Popup Repair
  • Lightweight
  • Reclining
  • Electric
Silvercare Popup Repair
Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Oxygen Tank
Silvercare Popup Repair
Hospital Bed
  • Double Crank Hospital Bed
  • Triple Crank Hospital Bed
  • Rippled Mattress
Silvercare Popup Repair
Accuracy Check Of Monitoring Device
  • Blood Pressure Meter
  • Glucometer

We Can Fix It For You

Repair, Servicing & Parts Replacement

Keeping your medical equipment in good condition is very important. We can assist you when your equipment malfunctions, needs a tune-up or requires part replacement.

Silvercare Popup Repair
Silvercare Popup Repair
Oxygen Supply Equipment
Silvercare Popup Repair
Walking Stick

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In Most Of The Areas In West Malaysia & Kuching

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Silvercare Popup Repair
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