SugO365: Unfolding Diaries of Diabetes Warriors | 糖尿勇士的故事日记

By Sugo 365

October 20, 2023

In 2021, U-Turn Diabetic the Fun Way | Fun转糖尿 has successfully become the guidance for Diabetes Warriors in their daily blood glucose management. Then, in the subsequent year of 2022, Teroka FUN Resipi Diabetik I 糖尿食谱:一起开FUN啦! graced the kitchens as a cherished home recipe book, showing the way to better blood glucose control through delightful daily meal options.

Over the years, many Diabetes Warriors have shared with us their personal struggles, victories, and lessons learnt from their diabetes journeys. We understand that at a certain point of time, the journey can be challenging. Some may seek psychological support, emotional support or simply a relatable community to share their journey with.

We heard you. 

With that in mind, we return with a heartwarming touch of the 3rd Series Diabetes Booklet —Unfolding DIARIES of Diabetes Warrior 糖尿勇士的故事日记》. It’s a collection of 25 real stories  (in English and 中文)  reflecting journeys of individuals living with diabetes from all over Malaysia. We hope to inspire more diabetes warriors with the stories of resilience, courage, and triumph found within these pages.

You know, as we move through life, unforeseen things may occur, just like diabetes. At the end of the day, the cards are in your hands.

Are you gonna cry over spilled milk? It won't change much, but it's your choice.

Are you gonna go all YOLO? Healthwise, ignorance isn't bliss, but it's your choice.

Hey, how about being like these warriors and making the right choices?

It’s entirely up to you, it’s your choice.

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