Life On Land: The Tenacious Heroes of the Supply Chain

By Mindy

June 3, 2022

They are used in transporting goods; they are the backbone of warehouses; they are more than just a few pieces of wood — They are Pallets. More than 5 billion pallets are in service in the world each day*. They are ubiquitous in the supply chain sector. What if they lose their functions one day? What would happen to them?

Throw away?

Try Not To!

Pallets are a few pieces of wood nailed together. The most difficult part to handle the old and unused wooden pallets is the nails because it is very difficult to remove from the pallets. Normally people would not be doing it because removing the nails is too much of a hassle to be worth doing. The common solutions are to send them to a landfill and dump it elsewhere remotely.

Sending to Landfill - Is it the correct way?

Sending the pallets to a landfill not only contributes to landfill size and it would increase the waste problem. When it is being sent to the landfills, they are exposed to rain and sunlight, and rusting happens. The serious consequences of the corrosion process of the pallets will eventually harm the environment and the life on land.

In Alpro, what are we doing?

Pallets in Alpro are like tires on the car. Without it, the journey of the product reaching customers will not be smooth. Wooden pallets need to be replaced so often and we realized that there is a big pile of unusable pallets throughout the year. We passed by the place that keeps the unusable pallets every day and we decided to do SOMETHING!

Thus, we started a green initiative called #ProjectBangku …It’s all about UPCYCLE together with You and Us.


In our outlets, we have a big group of elderly and pregnant customers. We then decided to use the unusable pallets to build benches. With these benches, we can provide them with more extensive seating areas and rest points to create a pleasurable and enjoyable shopping environment.

Watch how we started the #ProjectBangku

And... We also had #ProjectBangku at SMJK Chan Wa


Wooden Pallets have endless possibilities and we are making our pallets FREE for pickup! All you need is a little imagination and a little DIY (Do It Yourself) talent to transform it into to great home decoration or useable furniture. If you are unsure what to do with the pallets, we have a Bangku DIY Tutorial which you can follow to create a bench. You would be surprised at how creative pallet projects can be.

If you would like to do a DIY Bangku, collect from us now!

Wooden pallets have many negative impacts on the environment, through landfills and many other factors. In Alpro, we believe that the environment belongs to all of us and a well-managed environment supports healthy ecosystems, which in turn keeps people healthy. Therefore, we started a small action with the involvement of everyone in Alpro to do something for our environment, our community in support of the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land

Please join us together!

Reference: Murray, B. (n.d.). The forgotten shipping pallet stages a pandemic-era rally. The Economic Times. Retrieved June 3, 2022, from

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