Alpro Pharmacy and Viatris Collaborate for Better Men’s Health!

By Alpro Pharmacy

November 7, 2023

In a recent survey conducted by Alpro Pharmacy, it has come to light that a significant number of Malaysian men are grappling with erectile challenges. This issue is pivotal to men’s overall well-being, with 78% of the 345 respondents admitting difficulties in maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. The findings underscore the critical role of sexual well-being in determining their overall sense of well-being alongside physical and mental health.

Fostering Better Men’s Health
In response to the pressing concerns surrounding men’s well-being, Alpro Pharmacy, Malaysia’s largest pharmacy chain, and Viatris, a global healthcare company, have teamed up to launch the Alpro Men’s Health Teleconsult. This dedicated platform is designed to boost men’s confidence and performance by providing expert guidance on various health issues, including sexual health and male infertility.
Ph Lim En-Ni, Chief Pharmacist of Alpro Pharmacy, delivering a warm welcome address at the Alpro Men's Health Teleconsult Launch event.
Responding to Willingness for Positive Change
The survey results indicate that a majority of respondents are ready and willing to consult healthcare professionals and make lifestyle adjustments for better well-being. This readiness to seek professional advice and guidance suggests a positive attitude towards addressing men’s health concerns.
(From Left) Professor Dr Hatta Siddi, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Professor Dr George Lee Eng Geap, Consultant Urological Surgeon and Ph Then Ru Luen, Pharmacist share insights on men's health and sexual well-being during the round table discussion.
Expert Insights on Men’s Health Challenges
A roundtable discussion featuring distinguished panellists such as Consultant Urologist Dr. George Lee, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Hatta Sidi, and Pharmacist Ru-Luen Then delved into the factors leading to erectile dysfunction and emphasized the importance of a healthy lifestyle to mitigate these issues. The experts also pointed out the risks of misinformation available on the internet, advocating for personalized and professional advice provided through the Alpro Men’s Health Teleconsult, which offers longer operating hours compared to traditional clinics and hospitals.
(From Left) Jeff Bote, Country Manager of Viatris Malaysia, Ph Lim En-Ni, Chief Pharmacist of Alpro Pharmacy, Professor Dr George Lee Eng Geap, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Professor Dr Hatta Siddi, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Ph Then Ru Luen, Pharmacist, Ph Lee Yin Chen, Branding, Promotion and Trade Marketing Director & E-Commerce Lead of Alpro Pharmacy, Annie Lim, Head of Marketing of Viatris Malaysia and Khor Hwai Shin, Head of Sales of Viatris Malaysia.
Collaborative Endeavor for a Healthier Future
Jeff Bote, Country Manager of Viatris Malaysia, expressed his happiness in working closely with Alpro Pharmacy on the Men’s Health Teleconsult platform, which provides patients with access to the right information and treatment from the right platform. This collaborative effort aims to empower people worldwide to live healthier lives at every stage, underlining the significance of this initiative in the realm of men’s health.
Jeff Bote, Country Manager of Viatris Malaysia addressed the audience with an insightful speech during the Alpro Men’s Health Teleconsult Launch event.

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