2021 Bestselling Wheelchairs In Malaysia That Suits Your Needs

By Joanne Wong

March 18, 2021

Wheelchairs can be a total life saviour for those experiencing mobility problems, may it be short-term or long-term. Although they are made for convenience, it is important to be extra picky when it comes to comfort and safety. Because let’s be real – there is no one wheelchair that really fits everyone. Of course, we understand the health of your wallet is as important too. But getting a cheap or used equipment may not necessary be more cost-effective as you thought it would be.   

Let’s check out what are the wheelchair options you have at Alpro Pharmacy that fits your specific needs!  

1. Moven Q01 Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The best way to describe this manual wheelchair is that it is basically a “giant” that fits in a small body. Why?   

It has a small but durable aluminium frame that is also large and sturdy enough to fit most users. This makes it incredibly lightweight at only 9kg! And it is extremely easy to fold, which is the perfect combination for portability. Great for travelling as it can stow away in the smallest space possible to serve as your transport whenever you need it. It is also the most affordable option among our Moven range.  

Furthermore, the anti-smashing off road wheels is impact resistant and corrosion resistant to different road condition, even the rocky ones. Most importantly, it comes with an anti-back roll feature that ensures the safety of those who sit on it. The only downside of this wheelchair is that it is not self-propelling friendly.   

2. Moven Flexi Lightweight Wheelchair

Moven Flexi Lightweight Wheelchair, is also called a DAF wheelchair, because it comes with Detachable Armrest and Footrest (DAF). This makes it ideal for people looking for easy transfers on and off the wheelchair. In addition, one of the many reasons that makes it travel-friendly is the design of quick-release rear wheels. Not only it helps to reduce its weight and size, it also requires no tools at all for dissembling and assembling. Super easy to manage!   

Here’s why it is the best wheelchair for lifestyles in Malaysia.   

3. Moven Supreme Range| Supreme Lightweight 12-inch, Supreme Lightweight 24-inch or Supreme Deluxe  

Moven Supreme range has the best and most cost-effective wheelchairs in Malaysia. 

If you are asking for a wheelchair that ticks off all the boxes at an affordable price in Malaysia, Moven Supreme range would be your cup of tea. In fact, this range is a Germany-designed brand that aims to make daily activities faster, simpler and eventually a lot more fun!  

Comfort aside, with the ergonomic arm pads and extra firm breathable cushion, this range features foldable backrest and detachable swing-away footrests, which make them extremely easy to store and travel with. Same as our Moven Flexi, there is no need for tools at all to dissembling or assembling. Furthermore, its futuristic Airless, honeycomb tyres also offer excellent shock-free and stable riding experience. It is non-slip and wear resistant, ideal for various types of road condition like our Moven Q01, but better!  

Besides, it can support up to a maximum weight capacity of 130kg, with its durable thicken X-cross bar and seamless elliptical frame. To those with considerably good upper body strength that desires a bit more independence, the 24-inch and Supreme Deluxe would give you the option to self-propel as well, like our 20-inch Moven Q05 but with bigger and smoother rear wheels!  

Generally, larger rear wheels at 20-inch or 24-inch are more suitable for outdoor use and self-propelling. Smaller rear wheels at 12-inch or 16-inch tend to be more maneuverable in restricted areas like the restroom and small space dining halls.  

4. Moven Go Electric Wheelchair

Moven Go Electric Wheelchair is a dual function power wheelchair. Meaning it can be used as both a motorized wheelchair and a manual wheelchair. This electric wheelchair comes with battery indication, horn, on and off switch, speed indicator, speed adjustment, even a joy stick! And that’s not all of it, it has a back storage and USB charging port too! Doesn’t it sound like a  car to you?

Furthermore, not only it comes with 5 adjustable speed that allows users to choose the right speed that fits the needs, it also has clutch that can interchange between manual and electric mode. You’d be skeptical about its safety measure now, right? Not to worry at all! Its electromagnetic brake system provides strong brake grip when going downhill and uphill. 

5. Moven Q05 Lightweight Premium Wheelchair |16-inch or 20-inch  

Our Moven Q05 is suitable for those with either short-term or long term mobility needs. If you’re looking to get a cozy and efficient one for on-the-go, this product is it. Both come with foldable lightweight aluminium frame. This does not only provide easy storage for travels, but also helps minimize the risk of injury. Because it is light enough to be lifted, even without the help of others! It has a maximum weight capacity to hold up to 100kg. Best suit for those up to 170cm in height to achieve maximum comfort when sitting down. Besides, the 20-inch one would give you the option to self-propel if you are with considerably good upper body strength.   

Alternatively, you may also be interested in Bmate Standard Wheelchair Canvas or Bmate Lightweight Wheelchair (12-inch 20-inch). These are standard wheelchairs, which is the most typical (or should we say, “basic”) wheelchair you could find in the market.  They are both relatively sturdy, lightweight, and compact. Ideal for people looking for a simple, durable yet more affordable solution.

However, one thing to point out about Bmate Standard Wheelchair Canvas is that it is heavier and rather inconvenient to travel with, if you were to compare it with the lightweight ones. In addition, although seat cushion can be added to the wheelchair, this type of wheelchair is mostly intended for short-term use. Therefore, it isn’t often the choice of those who will be using a wheelchair on a regular basis.    

Bonus Tip: Back Support Seat Cushion 

Speaking of seat cushion, this is one of the best ergonomic designed back support seat cushion! It is high density with cooling gel to provide superior comfort. Ideal for wheelchair users as a byproduct, because it is designed to relieve pressure of the tailbone when sitting down. This would help to achieve the maximum comfort of the users. With the extra feature of the cooling gel pad, it helps to dispense body heat and ensure the body stay cool. These made it especially great for those who often sit for long hours.  Not only it can be used on most wheelchairs, it is also the best comfort for those with regular waist and back pain or those suffering from hemorrhoids.   


Overall,  based on our consulting experience in wheelchairs, we have concluded a few important points for you to consider before looking into the price of a wheelchair.   

How much weight can your caregiver carry?  

If your caregiver is a young man, you’d probably have lesser concern when it comes to the weight of the wheelchair. Unfortunately, most caregivers in Malaysia are females in their 40’s or 50’s. These group of people are generally more likely to have long-term back injuries from carrying heavy equipment and caregiving. Therefore, choosing the right wheelchair with the right weight would be reducing the risk of your caregivers getting injured from transporting the wheelchair. You are also doing yourself a favour, because a high-quality lightweight wheelchair also means that it requires less force from you to self-propel, stopping and rolling, especially going uphill.    

How big is your car boot?  

The wheelchair has to fit in your car! Otherwise, what’s the point of having a wheelchair that is compact and portable? Therefore, you may consider wheelchairs with a foldable backrest, detachable armrest or footrests, even better with removable rear wheels.  These are for the convenience of storage, whether you are fitting it in your car boot or traveling by bus, train, or plane.  

What are you using the wheelchair for? 

No one likes to buy a bad quality product, and we are not intended to sell you anything in bad quality. However, when it comes to medical equipment like a wheelchair, you do get what you pay for.   

If you are not using a wheelchair for more than a year, we recommend that you to rent a wheelchair that fits your temporary needs, instead of buying one.  


Why should you get your wheelchair at Alpro Pharmacy?  

To help you avoid unnecessary regrets on your wheelchair purchase, we offer:  

  • 12-months warranty on your purchase.  
  • 7-days exchange policy for any manufacturing defects. 
  • Free maintenance or Wheelchair Saloon service. (Must send to outlet for servicing). Though a good quality and durable sturdy wheelchair frame should last at least 3 to 5 years with minimal services.  
  • Buy-Back” trade-in program to maximize your dollar worth.  

What else is stopping you from shopping at Alpro Pharmacy?  

Contact us now if you need more assistance in choosing the right wheelchair! 


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