How to deal with your child’s phlegmy cough?

By Alpro Pharmacy

February 7, 2024

What is cough?

Coughing is a protective reflex. It can remove substances that may have been inhaled, such as dust, and excess secretions that have built up in the airways. A cough is a natural reflex that is your body’s way of removing irritants from your upper (throat) and lower (lungs) airways. A cough helps your body heal and protect itself.

Classifying types of coughs

Wet Cough

A wet cough, also termed as a productive cough, releases mucus or phlegm from the respiratory system. This liquid can be a range of colors, from clear to white, yellow or green, and comes from the respiratory tract. Causes of wet coughs can include viral or bacterial infections such as the flu, the common cold, or pneumonia.

Additionally, children or toddlers with wet cough often exhibit other symptoms like a runny nose, a scratchy throat, and tiredness. They may also experience postnasal drip, which feels like mucus running down the throat or chest.

Dry Cough

A dry cough, also known as a non-productive cough, doesn’t produce phlegm or mucus. This type of cough is typically caused by irritation in the upper respiratory system, whether from temporary factors like allergies, environmental irritants, croup, or whooping cough, or from chronic conditions such as asthma or GERD.  Moreover, children might have dry cough because of lingering mucus after having a cold or flu, which may last for weeks.

If your child has a cough, please see a doctor if they have:

  • high fever
  • difficulty in breathing
  • not drinking very much
  • fewer wet nappies than usual
  • nocturnal cough
  • cough with phlegm for four or more weeks
  • a cough that interferes a lot with their sleep or daily life

Which medicine is most effective for treating a phlegm-producing cough?

Bromhexine is a mucolytic agent used to manage a range of respiratory issues caused by excessive mucus or phlegm. It aids in alleviating a productive cough by thinning the phlegm in the airways and facilitating the removal of the mucus. It can be prescribed in the form of tablet or as an oral solution, such as liquid or syrup.

Mucolix™ Elixir is a validated bromhexine solution. Furthermore, it’s available as a clear syrup with a tasty kiwi fruit flavor that appeals to most children, and it includes a measuring cup for accurate dosing and easy administration.

Dosage and How to Use

  • Do not use for longer than 14 days without medical advice.
  • Bromhexine may be taken with or soon after food. For the syrup, shake the bottle well before use.

Please seek your doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice before using this medication.

If you need any further help, you are always welcome to use Alpro ePharmacy service

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