Mommy must know! Medications during pregnancy & breastfeeding

By Alpro Pharmacy

June 23, 2022

Most of the pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are scared of falling ill, main concern is not because of the illness. They worry that the medications will cause birth defects or negatively impact their baby’s development.

The truth is that most medications are considered safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The impact of every drug will bring different effects to pregnant mothers compared to an ordinary person. Some medications may directly affect the fetus and may put the baby at risk.

“Medications safety our priority”, the tagline of Alpro Pharmacy. To further ensure medication safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding,  Alpro subscribed to Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Medicines Guideline (PBMG), compiled by a team of pharmacists from The Royal Women’s Hospital in Australia.

Medication safety during pregnancy is different by trimester 1, 2, 3 and breastfeeding period. In short, the medication safe to consume during the 1st trimester may not be safe to consume during the 2nd trimester. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are reminded to check with healthcare professionals for every medication use during different period.

According to pregnancy medication category classified by FDA are defined as:

Category A: No risk in human studies

Category B: No risk in animal studies (insufficient studies in humans)

Category C: Risk cannot be ruled out. There are no satisfactory studies in pregnant women, but animal studies demonstrated a risk to the fetus

Category D: Evidence of risk (proven studies have demonstrated a risk to the fetus)

Category X: Contraindicated (proven studies in pregnant women have demonstrated a risk to the fetus and lead to fetal abnormalities)

Let’s share some medication safety examples of common medications:

Alpro pharmacy is honour to be the first pharmacy subscribing to PBMG in Malaysia, assuring all mothers use the correct medications safely and worry-free under advice of healthcare professionals. Keeping pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers in good health, can improve the health and development of baby.

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