Should COVID-19 Patients Take 14 Types of Supplement During Recovery?

By Alpro Pharmacy

September 10, 2021

Have you seen this post before? 

In his FB post, Dr. Haikal mentioned that a COVID-19 infected patient was hospitalized with stage 4 severity of COVID-19 status. On top of that, this patient was also shown with an abnormally high level of liver enzyme – ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase), at 300U/L which is 10X higher than a normal person.

Health Tips – What is Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)?

But do you know, why the patient’s ALT liver enzyme level is so HIGH?!

Upon interviewing, Dr. Haikal found out that his patient was taking Ivermectin with at least 14 different types of supplement, and some of these were even doubled, eg. Vitamin D3 and Vitamin D Alphacalcidol,  Vitamin B complex and Vitamin B and etc.

However, you might be thinking, what’s the big deal with taking Ivermectin and 14 types of supplement? Most friends of mine are also taking Ivermectin as a treatment or prevention of COVID-19. Isn’t the patient should recover even much faster than those who don’t take Ivermectin?

If you are having the mindset of thinking that, by consuming Ivermectin & multiple supplements could help you to recover faster from COVID, then I can tell you : YOU’RE WRONG!!!

Taking supplement does benefit our general health. However, taking too much of supplement does not give you extra benefit. In conversely, supplement overdose could lead a huge burden to our organ health, especially our liver, when it tries to cleanse the extra toxin ‘too much supplement’ from our body.

What can you do to AVOID this from happening?

Always try to understand the function of the supplement, as well as its right method to take, how much it should be taken everyday and also its suitability to your health condition. As we don’t hope that after spending so much money on the supplement, but end up, it doesn’t suit us or it lead us to severely bad health results, right?

So, you might have some questions popping out from your mind.

  1. How many types of supplement should a COVID-19 patient takes? Which supplement is beneficial in speeding up the recovery of a COVID-19 patient?

How to know if this medication is safe to be used on human body?


Alpro Pharmacy has a group of healthcare professionals that are ever ready to answer your queries. With just one click away, you may speak to our registered doctors or pharmacist to get your personalized recommendation on the medication or supplements that best suits your condition.

If you are unfortunately being infected with COVID-19, always remember, not to self-diagnose your condition by using any unapproved medication (eg. Ivermectin) or buy any medication from illegal seller. As these kind of medication may deteriorates your health condition.

If you have any health concerns, feel free to consult our pharmacist online. Click the button below to start chating. 

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