Vaccine Side Effects Are Actually A Good Thing

By Alpro Pharmacy

May 27, 2021

Its A Good Thing.

Covid-19 vaccine side effects are good. Yes, you heard it right. There has been many confusions and rumours ever since the Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out. People were concerned on the effectiveness but most importantly they were worried about the Covid-19 vaccine side effects. We are here to enlighten the situation and provide an in-depth explanation on the side effects of Covid-19 vaccines and why is occurs.

Development Phase

Let’s talk about how the vaccine is out there and accessible to the public which is you and me. The Covid-19 vaccine like any other vaccine will need to undergo development phases and so many clinical trials. You can view the phases in the image below.

Now, you’re wondering why human trials is highlighted. That’s because among all the phases, human trials are the most important one. The human trial is where the Covid-19 vaccines are tested on real people in 3 phases, starting with small groups of people to thousands of people.

Phase 1: Scientist study the Covid-19 vaccine side effects.

Phase 2: Scientist study the effectiveness.

Phase 3: Scientist study the effectiveness and safety.

Out of the 3 phases, phase 1 is the most important one as the vaccine has to pass this phase before moving on to phase 2 or phase 3. So, that means that all the Covid-19 vaccine side effects are studied and tested by scientist before it is declared safe to be rolled out to the public.

Dr. Kirsten Lyke from the University of Maryland School of Medicine led the phase 1 trial for the Covid-19 vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNTech. She says that side effects are a possibility with any vaccine and that there’s nothing to fear. It is just our immune system kicking in and doing what it is supposed to do.

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Why Covid-19 Side Effects Happen?

There is always a reason behind everything. Once you understand the reason side effects happen, you will be glad that you get them.

Our immune system is a huge network of cells in our body. It is made up of white blood cells, communication cells and antibodies. White blood cells fight the invading virus or bacteria. Communication cells is responsible for organizing the response. Antibodies search and identifies the enemy (which is the virus or bacteria).

When a virus attacks your body, the immune system attacks back. Our body increases blood flow to get more of the immune system cells flowing. Our body also increases our body temperature to kill these invaders. After the white blood cells kill the virus, they produce antibodies that will identify the virus should it reappear and remembers how to fight it. This is how you gain immunity.

This response which is your body’s natural response is actually what gives you the side effects. The virus itself does not give you the symptoms buts its your immune system while fighting the virus.

Triggering this system without actually getting you sick is how the vaccines work.

How Covid-19 Vaccines Work?

Let’s take a look at the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. It contains the messenger RNA (mRNA) that codes for the virus’s spike protein. Its harmless. Once injected into our body, our immune system will detect it and responds to it just like it’s a real danger. Vaccines are designed to give you this same immunity as if you were to fight off the real virus and the current vaccines does this very well. That’s because it has 95% efficacy rate which means you stand a 95% chance of being protected. This makes them one of the most effective vaccines out there and its really good in activating your immune system.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects

As a conclusion…..

The vaccines pass through so many clinical trials and they would not have made them available to the public if it were dangerous. The only way out of this pandemic is by achieving herd immunity and the only safe way this is possible is through the vaccine. So, take your vaccines.

Content Source: Vox & CDC

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