TOP 5 Tips For Successful Baking

By Alpro Pharmacy

February 16, 2018

Gluten Jie received a lot of messages asking how to produce a loaf of bread that rises and doesn’t sink or cookies that spread properly? I truly understand that it is annoying to spend time and money following a recipe only to pull a baking fail out of the oven?

I have tried three times to bake my gluten free bread successfully. HEHE~ so don’t give up!

Here is the TOP Five Tips for successful baking:

1. Don’t replace solid fat with liquid fat
Do you know there is a difference between solid and liquid fat and how they work in recipes? Solid fat like butter can be replaced with coconut oil. Solid fat work with the sugar to lighten the recipe. Please remember that same recipes made with a liquid fat could turn out heavy and greasy.

2. Don’t leave out the salt
Salt helps to add flavour and play the key role of controlling yeast growth to prevent it from collapsing. A loaf made without salt can sink and end up flavorless. Don’t leave out the salt when making a yeast bread!

3. Weight versus volume
Use a kitchen scale for weight measurement. For volume measurements, use two sets of measuring cups, one for liquid and one for dry ingredients. For dry ingredients like flour, oats and sugar, use a set of nested measuring cups.

4. Check dates
Ingredients don’t last forever. Baking soda, baking powder and yeast all have expired dates. Remember to check them before using in a recipe to ensure cakes, cookies and breads will rise. Don’t forget to check spices too because they lose flavor over time. You put a little between two fingers and rub it together. If you can’t smell anything, please toss it.

5. Get the grit out
Grittiness is one of the most common complaints about gluten free baked goods. When shopping for ingredients, look for superfine rice flour or wholegrain flours which tend to be fine and grit free.

Happy baking everyone ?

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