10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alpro Customer Service

By Customer Care

September 28, 2021

Hassle free contact

We love it when you call us! Our customer service contact number is in the entire website, social media platforms, and all even Google search results. No way you can miss it.

Customer require Agile response when they hit a wall. Being able to quickly and easily acquiring Alpro’s contact and giving us a call is what makes it happen. Our customers love the fact that it is always easy to reach out to Alpro’s healthcare professionals, anytime anywhere

Unlimited calls and chats

We attend to all the calls and chat without limitation! We provide professional tailor made service to our beloved customer regardless the time consumption. From health care services to products and even to courier, you name it we settle it for you.

A friendly, solution-oriented helper

Friendly, helpful and genuinely engaged that’s our Moto. We help the community find answers or solutions, to source and purchase any health care products and medical devices they need. Our customer service team is also available to have conversation about everyday issues and concerns.

100% Personalised (no auto replies)

Every conversation between Alpro Customer Service and customers is as different as the personalities of the participants. Our customers love the level of service we provide and particularly enjoy being able to engage in real conversations specific to their own needs, with personable individuals.

365 Days support

Our attentive Customer Services are available to help you whole year 365 days, all day everyday! Worried free that you need to settle a complain within a limited time frame, as our customer care team provides support all year long.

Empowered to help

At Alpro, our Customer Service Team have the authority to accept special-case refund, offer partial or full refunds in any dissatisfactory events.

No hard selling

Although Alpro has thousands of items in stock, you won’t find us pushing customers to buy more than they plan. Our job is to determine and meet the customer’s needs, providing the best solution for our customer.

One-stop professional service

Our customer service team consist of Doctors, Pharmacists, Nutritionist and Dietitians where customers can directly deal with them through phone call or live chat.

Practice empathy

Put ourselves in the customers’ shoes, especially in tough situations. Our service agents especially must master the lost art of empathy to deliver effective customer service.

At Alpro, we always try to put ourself in customer’s shoe, in order to provide precise solution based on their situation.

Healing and soothing journey

Instead of seeing us as your customer service agent, see us as your peers and your bridge towards a healthy and vibrant world.

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